MacTastik Weekly #15


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  • Just two days ago I dropped my first generation iPhone 10 metres down on a steel platform from a roller coaster. Besides getting a few scratches it’s still working.

    • They are pretty hardy, but I bet your heart sank for a moment!

      • Yeah. Some people waiting to take the ride found it, and even before I was out of the thing I was shouting to them, if it was working.

        The worst part was, that I felt it slip up and down my pocket but I couldn’t do anything because my arms couldn’t get into reach.

  • My iPod touch took a fall recently. It hit the ground funny and the top corner of the glass came unstuck and is a bit loose now. I need to send it to Apple and see if they can do anything…

  • I’ve had the 1st generation iPod Touch for over a year now, and am happy to say that it has not suffered any serious drops. :)

    • I’ve had the same iPod Touch.. no real protection except for an anti-scratch layer.
      I’ve dropped it a few times, works perfectly still :) I’m just upset about the bad battery power :(