MacTastik Weekly #17


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  • Seriously! I feel you in regards to customisation. As a contractor, I’ve become proficient as customising a Mac setup in about 12 seconds.

    Don’t you think the OS should have saved user settings the way that each Adobe application does? Of course, I suppose that’s what user accounts are for? Except it would be nice to have a portable chunk of settings that you could use on a new machine.

  • I still don’t like the comics. I am trying, but they are not funny. Maybe it is going to change, but I feel disappointed every time :(

    • I completely agree.

      • +1
        The site and it’s content is mainly pretty good. The comic is mainly pretty not.

  • I think it’s funny.

  • LULZ! Good one, I often have the same experience just using someone else’s computer. I tend to sloooow down a lot.

  • I don’t know why you guys don’t like the comics. They’re pretty accurate, and quite funny as well. I feel exactly the same way, even when using other Macs with the same version of OSX. I wish there were settings files that I could transfer over. And don’t get me started with Windows PC’s! I can’t do s**t on them without at least an hour’s worth of hacking and cutting.

  • I’m sorry, but I never find these funny :(

  • Maybe it’s best if the strip doesn’t let people voice their comments. It’s not a software.

  • Shut up Digital Monkey. This is the worst comic strip I have ever seen. I can’t believe some people think it’s funny. It’s soooooo fucking bad.

    • Just don’t read it then, and let those of us who like it do ;)

  • Mr. Rogers,

    Take your sweater off and loosen up.