MacTastik Weekly #18


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  • Adrian Rodriguez

    lol. Awesome. That’s how I get sometimes.

  • Dajay

    So full of truth.

  • Vasili

    The only time I’ve ever felt that way is when I have Photoshop and Illustrator open at the same time. ;)

  • Bill Labus

    Now this was funny. Unfortunately though, my fists have ended the life of more than one hard drive before. :)

  • justin hileman

    Seventeen isn’t the problem… The real problem is when you have one or two of the exact *wrong* apps open.

    Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you, Adobe.

  • Dan

    Huh that’s weird. I usually have 15-20 apps open, and 2-3 Adobe CS3 apps (I hate CS4’s look) open, but the only time it bogs down is when I have Garageband open.

  • Bar Mitzvah Photographer

    This is too true…too true. Why won’t my 50 meg photos load in photoshop instantaniously as I’m pulling 30 Gigs of three network drives and have two browsers and iTunes, and photomechanic open.

  • bebopdesigner

    Can’t get mad at your Mac, can ya? It’s just too pretty. (and expensive) Anyways, I also have tons of stuff running at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shade

    To N.C. Winters,

    I know you read the comments on your strips. I went through and was reading the comments on all of the strips and saw all the bashing. I just wanted to let you know i like your comics. In fact the only reason i’m subscribed to Creattica is for your comics, the rest of the site imo is not so hot. Your freelanceswitch comics are my favorite but all of them are good. Anyways just wanted to let you know that not everybody on are jackholes. :D

  • N.C. Winters


    Thanks for the words. Good to hear something positive every now and then!

  • Cram Mac Flash Cards

    Heh this is pretty funny. I’ve come close to destroying expensive hardware before, then thought about how much more angry I would be when I needed to purchase another one.

  • Jonas

    Haha.. been there for sure. Especially before the days of OSX :D