MacTastik Weekly #21


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  • Not as icky as having to use Lotus Notes at my old job. :(

  • I’m sorry to be horrible, but these comic strips are awful. O subscribe to the feed email and I get one each week. They are never funny and always state the bleeding obvious. The rest of this blog is excellent and has really good writers. The articles are great and I enjoy them a lot. But please either stop with these comic strips, or provide a subscription email that does not include the as it is embarrasing to read the attempts to be funny.

    • it is embarrassing to read the attempts to be funny [2]

    • Agreed. I hate getting excited when a new post pops up in my feed reader only to see it’s another unbearable MacTastik. I don’t have a huge problem just ignoring it and marking the post as read but I think it brings down the quality of the otherwise brilliant blog.

    • If you guys hate the comics so much, why don’t you just…not read them!! Seriously, how hard can it be?

      • Agree, I just don’t see the problem.