MacTastik Weekly #25


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  • Hahhah, the guy on the computer is me and the guy with the white hair is my dad.

  • Gotta be honest I’m not sure how most of these are “Mactastic.” That could just as easily be a PC. In fact most of them have very little to do with specifically being a Mac.

    • To me, it honestly doesn’t matter. It’s something that we Mac users can relate to, isn’t it?

  • Haha very nice! And totally right ofcourse :)

  • True!! So true! I’ve been guilty of this before and I’ve seen others do it. Thanks for the great comic!

  • I remember something like this last year in high school. I was in a web design course, and everybody would put spaces in the file names, and the Linux-based test server would not recognize the files at all.

  • Good one. as a developer, I’ve also had to deal with supporting software written by someone who thought naming methods and variables with letters and numbers was a great idea. When you’re dealing with “m23(…)” and trying to figure out how it interacts with “c5” and “y9” it gets a tad confusing!