MacTastik Weekly #29


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  • Why is this still in the RSS feed? Please remove it or put it in a separate feed. I don’t subscribe to this site to read lame comics.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like comics – just not when they’re shoe horned into situations where they pose more of an annoyance.

    • You can always just ignore the comic? If you don’t like it it does not mean there’s noone who does so… Grow up ppl and stfu already.

    • I agree. Are you seven years old? Take a seconds and think about how f&$# selfish you are. The service here is for free. You obviously love what they are trying to do over here. Just one article that you don’t like. Just ignore it, maybe that is too much to ask from someone like you.

      • There are people other than you that subscribe to this, you know. -__-;

  • I agree. The comics are lame and should be separate.

    • Start up your own blog and you can separate whatever shit you might come up with however you want.

  • Not one of my favorites, but I usually laugh when I read them in my RSS reader on Saturday! :D

  • I really like them actually :D

    Lol, passive aggressive…

  • (Off Topic) Quick Advice. The globally recognized for RSS is orange! It took me minutes to realize that blu box on the right had the link I was looking for (rss to subscribe to this wonderful blog :D ).

    Seriously though, it probably is hard for many users looking for that “orange zone” with your rss.

    Other than that, these strips are only second to the Freelance Switch ones! :)

  • I like your comics! Please continue :-)

  • I really would prefer two separate feeds, one with the comics, one without.

  • hahaha I love it I was actually thinking the same thing to myself the other day.