MacTastik Weekly #31


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  • Preaching to the converted?

  • Ha ha… I liked this one! Gotta share it with my “unconverted” friends and family. Makes a lot of sense!

  • Well, if someone can’t take care of his computer, then even a mac won’t last long. It’s not about having a mac, it’s about being a responsible user with a brain, trust me – there’s no big philosophy for a brainless guy to break a mac :P

  • I usually think it is Mac fanboys saying that a Mac rarely, if ever, needs to be repaired. Now when I used a desktop PC often, I would often loug it down to the local computer shop, but in over two years of using a MacBook Pro, I have only take it in for repair once and it all it needed was a battery replacement, which was free thanks to the warranty.

    Personally I know two other Mac Users, both of them have had one big problem but no problems since. I’m starting to think maybe there is some truth in this comic strip!

  • Whether or not it’s true, it’s really funny :D
    It’s true though ;)