MacTastik Weekly #36


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  • rofl thats hilarious, ‘ITS SHINY!!!”

  • LOL! My favorite so far. :D

  • LOL quality. I have to say I really don’t care until I know what it is. They have to ‘sell’ to me before I even think about it.

  • That’s true!! LOL

  • Haha, so true. But as Sulcalibur said, I need to see it and know what it can do for me before I even consider getting it.

  • HAHAHAHAHA, hilarious xD

  • I believe most people want one even though we don’t know what it will look like, if it will ever arrive. Personally, I don’t want one until I can compare it to the competition. Even then I’d rather stick with my MacBook Unibody.

  • One of the better, really funny

  • Haha that’s awesome. Love this one, it’s so true.

  • Best tastic so far :-)

  • Haahhahaha! I love it!

  • Glad you all liked it :-)

  • Fantastic Comic :)

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