MacTastik Weekly #42


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  • Hmm OK, you forgot the first frame where the Win user rants about “Fanboi’s”, “Apple tax”, “Outdated hardware” and how Apple has personally done him harm so he must hate them and their users regardless of what is said or done.

  • Hahaha this is funny but terribly wrong. Vista is 7. There are a few changes here and there but Vista to 7 is like 2000 to XP just a makeover.

  • Wow. Please look things up before talking. You’re just embarrassing yourself.
    XP is NOT a windows 2000 makeover, and 7 is NOT vista with changes.
    THIS, and the inability to shut up, is the reason why I hate mac USERS.

    • Whats wrong with us Mac users. just because some take these views does not mean we all do. Most windows users will admit that Vista is rubbish, but Win7 is a huge improvement, much faster and more reliable.

      Anyway, why are you reading a Mac website if you hate Mac users?

    • After all that, I still hate windows though ;)

      • I own a mac as well, although I have the right to visit this site all I want, even if I did not own a mac.
        And I’m just pointing out that Neal Carroll is completely wrong and he needs to look things up before saying things.
        A lot of mac users that I know, in fact, almost 90% of them, are all very obnoxious about their computers and tend to point out “facts” without actually knowing them.
        It just gives mac users a bad name.

    • Easy guys :-)

      I agree with “Lex” here – Windows 7 and Vista are very different. But we’re all friends!

    • Ah one guy says something you find objectionable and ALL Mac users are at fault. Idiot.

  • Even here I’ve seen only a very small amount of the Mac fanboys that EVERYBODY is ALWAYS complaining about. So far the percentage of stereotypical moron fanboys in this thread is about 20%, which is hardly the 90 that Lex said. Guys, come on. A few idiots is not a good reason to condemn us all.

  • Wow, so basically what you’re saying is that it was only fun to make fun of Windows when it was EASY, but suddenly when picking on someone closer to your size (especially when you’re vastly outnumbered), it’s no longer fun, and instead it’s boring?

    That’s like the bully when the nerd got a growth spurt. Or like how my roommate only wants to play video games with friends when he knows he’ll win, and will play endlessly as long as he’s on top, but as soon as he loses he doesn’t wanna play anymore.