MacTastik Weekly #49

We’re sporting a new, classic theme for the MacTastik comic this week. Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned for a bumper issue next week – it’s our 50th comic already!

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  • I’d say it’s your 49th comic.

    • “…stay tuned for a bumper issue next week – it’s our 50th comic already!”
      So next week will be the 50th comic :-)

      Nicely done with the retro look, but how about a modern aluminium look?
      By the way I read all of your comics, keep up the good work :-)

  • great work! i love that no-fun funnies. XD

  • : D

  • I enjoy the warmer colour palette. And the new retro frame is a lot of fun.

  • The frame looks really nice.

  • I like the tribute to the classic, but I’m thinking the shell looks like it has sun damage. Run with it for a while, it will probably grow on me. Thanks for the Slammer license, btw!

  • I personally prefer the previous theme, this one seems just old and irrelevant with mac design

  • I also preferred the previous design.

  • Seems like split opinion! We’ll be running with this one for the next few months, and maybe next time we’ll make a switch for something ultra-modern :-)

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