MacTastik Weekly #50

We’ve done something a little special for our 50th comic, with a quadruple length bumper issue. Thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys the site, and here’s looking forward to reaching our 100th week at the end of the year!

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  • “today’s hot look is tomorrow’s outdated cliché” so true on many levels. Really like this one :)

  • Haha very good. Funniness and truth sprinkled throughout the long comic, rather than just a big punchline at the end.

  • “It was the beginning of design mixed with technology.” Really? Up until this point technology never had design in its mind? In the entire millenia-long history of technology? Even in the 50 year old history of electronics?

    The guys who designed old Braun products (which were directly inspirational to Jonathan Ive for the post Bondi-iMac apple product designs) in the 60’s as well as those who created fine, handcrafted wood casings for radios and record players, even those fridges from the ’50’s, or CARS for Christs’ sakes, would have a problem with your assertion that up until the iMac came out, design and technology had never been combined.

    I know this is probably just a subliminal slipup, but it does represent an uncomfortable tendency for Apple fans to insist that strong product aesthetic starts and ends at Jonathan Ive’s desk, and nowhere else.

  • Nice)

  • “I’ll give you ten dollars to end this rant right now” Bahaha! Awesome comic guys!