MacTastik Weekly #53

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  • Daniel Roeven

    Spot on. Good job! :-)

  • Benedikt

    Asking myself the same question.. o.O?

  • fdeth

    iPad is a killer device for lazy Saturdays in bed.

    • Jo

      Totally my thought

  • Ethan Wright


  • Luke


  • Henry Bennett

    Haha this one is great… and so true.

  • Kody Troj√©

    Haha… just to be picky, it’s “MacBook”, not “Macbook”.

    But I gotta say – I look forward to using Brushes or Sketchbook Mobile on that bigger display; it’ll hopefully make drawing easier and/or more fun!

  • albertkinng

    Please wait to try it and play with it in an Apple Store near you, then you can criticize it all you want. I’ve been using the iPod Touch a lot more than my Macbook (1st gen) everything else I do it on my iMac or my Mac Pro, so, I think instead of buying a new Macbook I will go ahead and buy an iPad, it will fill my needs of today and I know it will bring a lot more to the table.

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