MacTastik Weekly #66

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  • It is getting pretty bad when the Apple fanboys are becoming agitated by the policies.

    <– Newbie Apple fanboy

  • I always found this comic a bit strange- for a publication that targets a primarily Apple-based userbase, it seems to make fun of and degrade Apple and its users quite a bit. It would be a completely different story if they were actually funny, but they just come across as kinda tiring.

    • Then just don’t read them ;) There’s a very good reason for them being the way they are, and that’s to show how Apple and their fanboys tend to be.

  • Like Apple. This site also has changed. Less contents and more business. Regarding the comic strip, I used to defend it. Saying that if you don’t like it, then skip it.
    Lately I skip all the time. I found them boring as well.

  • I actually begin to like these comic strip.

    I’m grateful for being able to love Mac and hate Apple at the same time :)

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