MacTastik Weekly #72

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  • I don’t understand some of these comics, haha.

    Hey I was wondering if you guys could make an article about IRC clients for Mac (if you haven’t already). I’ve been using the internet for about 10 years and I still don’t know what IRC is. Sure I could look it on on Wikipedia, and I’ve done that; but you guys are more easy to understand.

  • Great idea for an article actually. I actually don’t know too much about it but a quick response would be that IRC is much more like an online chat room than it is instant messaging. There are no buddies or friends, it’s just an open forum or “room” that people enter and leave and usually aims for a high number of participants.

  • Besides Iphone problems which is pretty much the topic for the strip in the past 6 months. Is there anything else we can find amusing being the Mac’s fans? … Just wondering.