MacTastik Weekly #74

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  • I wish you didn’t leave. The comics are great!

    • Same here! :(

  • WHAAA? Wait a minute gentleman! You CANNOT only make 75 strips, we all want 750 at least!
    Seriously, if #75 is gonna be the last, make #75A, #75B, or make it a 10×3 strip, just like #50, but GIGANTIC.

    Thank you 4 yr attention

  • ah man, if this is true, that is a shame… I would always look forward to the humor and reality of this comic!

    I wish you good luck my friend

  • I would buy it in a printed version. It’s a shame that they’re going away…

  • Why? Did I miss something?

  • i have been bored by these stripes from pretty early on. only a few have been funny. I personally will be glad to see it gone.

  • So long Mactastik, its been great knowing you but I guess its just your time to go. You’ve hit the topics we are interested in, and have changed the way we look at apple products.

    I’ll say it again, so nobody forgets:

    So long Mactastik!

  • It’s sad to see the end of Mactastik, but I have to agree with matt, only few of them were funny and it just didn’t seem to work. : (