MacTastik Weekly #75: The Final Comic!

I can’t believe that we’ve featured 75 MacTastik comics over the past 18 months. How time flies! It’s been a fantastic addition to our usual content, and always provided an interesting break from the norm.

Today marks the end of the MacTastik series, as we make some changes to our publishing schedule and move on to offer ever more useful and interesting content.

I’d like to say an absolutely huge thank you to N.C. Winters, the talented artist and writer behind MacTastik. You can still catch his work in the form of the Freelance Freedom comic strip over at FreelanceSwitch.

Without further ado, we’ll leave you with the final instalment of MacTastik. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Andrew Dilger

    Nice final comic, guys (in fact, they were ALL good)! =) Sorry to see you go.

  • Mozgovvert


  • Gordon Keenan

    Sorry to see you go, really did enjoy the strip and had a few smiles along the way!

  • Josh

    That was definitely the best one! I enjoyed them all :)

  • Henry Bennett

    Haha great comic to end on! Thanks for all the past laughs as well!

  • Syphadius

    Epic! Should have been the scrabble word lol

  • Aaron

    oh no :( don’t go, loved comic strips …

  • sensiballs

    Thank God, should have pulled it after #1.

  • Kuldar

    Damn, N.C. Winters you rule! Amen.