MacTastik Weekly #8


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  • This is the first one that I actually thought was pretty good.

  • I liked all of them! Nice job guys!

  • I say this one is funny (a little) haha :)

  • sdfds

  • I quite liked this one actually, others seem to be trying a bit hard, but yeah, bit of a fan.

  • This one’s quite witty!

  • Finally :D Something worth reading! Good Job.

  • That was a lot better! Just keep writing yourself off and you’ll get a laugh from me!

  • Haha great!

  • Nope, still not funny.

  • all lolcats all the time. or you might try to bring in floorhorse, or possibly something about how it’s a trap, because that’s not a moon, that’s a fully functional space station!