MacTastik Weekly #9


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  • I liked this one too

  • =P I love it when cartoons do things like that. Family Guy does it all the time too!

  • I thought these were supposed to be about mac apps and mac in general?
    It’s still funny, but I want more about actual *mac* stuff

    • I agree. Any mac reference and funny would be awesome. Is it just me or the stuff that you have on freelance switch are usually pretty funny. I like those a lot. I don’t know what happen here. I think you got side track by people comments and now you back paddling yourself.
      Anyway, you are still super talented comic drawing no matter what people says about your stripped here at mac storm.

      • The freelance switch comics are hilarious. I just recently found out about freelance switch and I went through 60 of those comics all at once :D

  • Please, stop.

  • No good, guys. I have yet to smile at one of these.

  • Better than nothing… but yeah, they’re pretty bad :\

  • This is the first one that made me laugh.

  • There are comics like XKDC which aren’t usually that funny, but they’re really well done and often very witty. Then there are comics like Cyanide & Happiness which are very immature cheap jokes, but make me laugh out loud. Then there is this which isn’t funny or witty.

    I’ve never seen a comic have such struggles. You guys are good cartoonists, but consider hiring someone with a sense of humor. Mean, but true. Also, making a comic each week responding to the previous week’s comments is weak.

    • Ouch! I guess you haven’t seen N.C. Winter’s other strips… Sure this isn’t his strongest stuff, but it’s not that bad! The sense of humour is there, and who can truly ignore feedback?

  • I think these comics are great – keep it up! I especially love this one.