Remembering Just One Password is Easier and Safer

In an earlier Mactuts+ article, “Picking Passwords: Pitfalls, Practicalities and Protection”, we examined the requirements and problems of modern passwords and why they are hard for humans to remember but easy for computers to crack. We also touched on how we can manage this conundrum. In this article, we will have our cake and eat it; we will use complex, secure and unique passwords for everything. All of those passwords will confirm the specific requirements and rulesets of each service – even if that means that the criteria differs between services. And we will remember just one secure password to do this.

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  • I’ve been using 1Password for about six months and love it… it’s the sort of app I wish I had discovered years ago.

    However, though I think it’s worth the (somewhat expensive) price in the long run, I know anecdotally that it’s a major impediment to new users… it’s just too expensive upfront for the average casual computer user. I think “LastPass” pricing structure is much more palatable.

  • I love 1Password !

    • Me too !
      I Think that i need something like that…
      (Easier and Safer)

  • What bugs me is their promise to release 1Password 4 via MAS soon, but there’s no update thereof.
    I bought it in MAS on Nov 17, 2011 — right after we were promised to get 4.0 ‘soon’. There’s no way 15 months and counting is ‘soon’ though.
    And hey, that’s my second license (first one was bought directly).

    However, I love 1Password and can’t imagine my everyday life without it. I really appreciate the work the guys doing and the recent Dribbble screenshots look like upcoming upgrade. Crossing fingers

    • The developers said they’ve been busy with the release of 1Password 4 for iOS. Now they will be focusing on the mac version which will be released later this year.

      • Yep, I just hope that won’t be next Christmas :-)

        As I mentioned, guys published awesome screenshots on Dribbble and that makes me believe it will be released sometime soon.