Run Windows Apps on Your Mac Free With Wine Bottler

Have you ever wanted to install a Windows application on your Mac? First of all, shame on you for wanting to do such a thing. However, as you know, countless Mac users do in fact run PC applications every single day, so we forgive you.

The problem with running Windows applications on your Mac is that it usually requires various complications such as hard drive partitioning, installing a full on Windows environment, and/or expensive software like Parallels. But what if you just need to run one application and don’t really want to mess with all that other stuff?

Enter WineBottler, a free and easy way to wrap a Windows application into something that will run natively in OS X. Too good to be true you say? Read on!

Installing WineBottler

The obvious first step is to visit the WineBottler website to download the application.


The Wine Bottler Website

Once you’ve downloaded the app, run the dmg file. This will mount the disk and pop open a window containing two applications: Wine and WineBottler. Throw both of these into your Applications folder.


Installing WineBottler

X11 and Prefixes

Before we go any further, a little bit of explanation is necessary. This can all get pretty nerdy and technical so I’ll try to keep it as basic as possible.

As mentioned before, WineBottler doesn’t run Windows applications but instead wraps them in such a way that they’ll run on OS X. This is accomplished through the magic of a utility called X11.

Throughout the process of running and installing applications, you’ll probably see X11 pop up in your dock. If so, leave it alone. It needs to do its thing for all of this to work.

Now for some jargon. When using WineBottler, almost everything will revolve around “prefixes.” The easiest way to think of these is simply as Windows applications. So when you see something referring to default or custom prefixes, remember that’s just referring to applications that you can install.

Installing Default Prefixes

Now that you have a rudimentary knowledge of how it all works, open up WineBottler. You should see three different options on the left: Existing Prefixes, Install Predefined Prefixes and Create Custom Prefixes.


The Main WineBottler Window

Click on the predefined prefix option to bring up a list of applications. This is essentially a bunch of free software that you can install quickly with barely any effort.

As a web developer, I often have the need to test the sites I build in multiple browsers. Being a Mac user, it’s easy for me to hit Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but let’s face it, those aren’t really the browsers that are going to give me trouble are they? The good old Internet Explorer family is where the real troubleshooting usually occurs. For this reason, I was quite happy to see these applications in the list!

To install one of these applications, simply click on it and hit “Install.” You might want to click the “Silent Install” option as well. This can save you a few clicks down the road.


Installing Internet Explorer

In my experience, this process can either be surprisingly fast or astoundingly slow. If it seems like it’s taking a while, take a break and come back. And I don’t mean check your email for a minute, I mean go mow the lawn and take your kids to soccer practice because it’s going to be a while.

Once the installer is finished, the application should be sitting in your designated folder. It will appear just like any other application and requires only a double click to run.


Cue X-Files Music

Running the applications can be a little weird, but they’re functional for the most part. A few things I’ve noticed being strange are keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste being remapped and scrolling with momentum getting completely out of control in some apps. Otherwise everything seems to work just fine and it merely feels like your Mac got hit with the ugly stick.


IE7 Running on a Mac

Installing Custom Prefixes

It will often be the case that the application you want to install isn’t in the list of predefined prefixes. Fortunately, WineBottler has you covered. If you don’t see the app you want, click on the option to install custom prefixes.

Make sure you’ve got the windows app downloaded so that the .exe file is easy to find on your Mac. Now hit the “select File” button at the top of the window and navigate to that file.


Creating Custom Prefixes

Again you’ll be taken through a pretty basic installation process. The WineBottler screens and actual application installation menus will fill your screen so be ready to manually walk through them just as if you were installing the application on a Windows machine.

Extra Tools

Unfortunately, not every application will work with WineBottler. Some apps simply aren’t compatible and others will require a bit of troubleshooting on your part.

Fortunately, the Wine application comes with a number of useful tools for helping you through this process. Among these is a DOS prompt and various “Winetricks” that you can install that are essentially support software like the Adobe AIR runtime.


Wine Tools


To sum up, WineBottler makes it incredibly easy to install many (but not all) Windows applications on your Mac. The best part is that you won’t even have to deal with “Start” menus or recycle bins as the applications will run right in your OS X environment alongside your Mac applications.

The key to using WineBottler is patience. Sometimes the applications can take an inordinate amount of time to install, but if you wait it out, they usually pull through.

Leave a comment below and let us know what applications you miss out on from being a Mac user and whether or not you think WineBottler is a good solution for running them!


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  • Do you know if it will run software that require things like .NET framework, or Windows service pack?

    • I’m having issues with an application that requires .NET framework… i’t doenst work at all. Have you had any reply on that? If someone can help… I would really appreciate.


  • The only windows apps I really need to run on my Macbook are the 3 main flavours of IE. I’ve been rellying on VMWare Fusion for this task, but this looks quite interesting.

    I have to ask, though: How accurate is the rendering? This may sound weird, but I really need all the bugs each flavour provides in order to find this useful. Are conditional comments working properly? Is the font rendering too different? What about the Javascript engine?

    Basically: Is this a reliable alternative to a Virtual Machine for Web Development testing?

    I’ll have a go soon, anyways, but knowing this beforehand could save a lot of time. :)

    • Same questions as Enrique

    • I’ve tested with ie6. Total disaster.
      The only argument why geting ie6 to a mac is webDevelopment.
      ie6 fails a lot himself, but with Wine Bottler/X11 this doubles.
      So you really can’t decide what is “really” wrong and what is caused by X11.
      If you still want to test it, try to use some pngs… :P
      And in addition try some pngfix and this thing will scream at you!^^
      Totaly useless for webdev.

      • It sounds so absolute but, Stop doing anything with IE6. I inform my clients that it’s a security risk, Google stopped supporting it, and Microsoft stopped supporting it. So if the internet giant AND it’s creator don’t support it, why should we as developers?

        It’s soooo freeing to stop worrying about IE6. Just delete it!.

        Now, IE7, and 8 is another story.

    • Honestly this is a great question. I admit that I haven’t tested IE7 thoroughly against a PC version to see the differences.

      Web development is only one of the many possible applications, it was merely the first thing I thought of when I saw IE! Can’t imagine why else you would want that cursed browser on a Mac :)

    • Did you know? If you run VMWare Fusion that you can run applications for the PC on the Mac? Not by entering your virtual machine, but by making it show up at the top right, as an applet. Then you can select your application and the IE icon or whatever software shows in your dock. It is pretty neat!

      • You HAVE to start Fusion/VM to get an application working.
        You surely meant the Unity Mode, or am I missing something?!?!?!

    • This is NOT a viable option for website testing. It’s a really nice idea and I applaud the developer’s efforts, but it’s only useful for running productivity apps IMO. For designers who want to check display bugs, functionality or even general aesthetics (like font rendering) then this is useless.

      I didn’t bother with IE6, but IE7 does not load javascript and had issues with spacing between words in titles – almost as if it were trying to apply a center justification. Neither browsershots nor Alkaline revealed this as a problem so I know it was WineBottler. As for IE8 it wouldn’t even load. Disappointing. :(

  • This isn’t perfect, but the fact that it works is astounding.! I tried to create a prefix for an installer and it made the program into a wine app as well, I finally got to try out sublime text, which was a disappointment :(

  • Sounds promising. Does anyone know whether it’s possible to use this to get OneNote to work on a Mac?

  • jeeeeesh! im trying to install wine bottler for the ONE application i run on windows. after bumbling around and thinking i was home free, i get an error message when i try to launch the application:

    Can’t write: C:\user\donellcreech_\Template\swlpi\uninstall\.exe

    as im among mac friends, i’ll save the kevetching and belly aching about the evils and confusion of the windows platform….speaking to the choir and such.

    hopefully there’s some one who can help me out point me in the right direction. ive read the winehq wiki, ubuntu and wine-reviews…and my eyes are still crossed.

    • btw, the application is swish max 3. in my readings, ive seen postings about swish max 2 being compatible.

  • I was really excited about this, and now I’m disappointed. IE7 doesn’t have javascript turned on and I’m not able to install the version that is equipped with javascript (IE6). Bleh

    • I was about to install for the sake of testing on IE6 and IE7, but I should forget about it. Thanks for the info!

  • Will Act from Sage work?

  • Nice article but I’ve tried it and it’s not fully working, IE6 won’t install at all, IE7 is not rendering correctly and IE8 won’t load a page :( sadly going back to parallels.

    • Have to agree with skrabaki.., IE 7 does not display transparent gifs correctly, IE 8 produces an error and won’t load a single page.

  • I seriously miss the ability to use MS Visio on the mac. Didn’t stop me from switching to mac completely, but if this will allow me to run it easily on the mac… Woohoo!!!

  • Has anyone tried installing WinEdt? It’s like the best LaTeX editor available, but only for windows =(

    • Good god. Just use TeXShop.

  • Thank all of you that tried the very thing I was going to, but will not – installing this just to get IE on my Mac. Your effort is much appreciated. Now grab a beer – you deserve it :) I’m doing the same… and here’s to you!

  • Will Corel Draw X4 or X5 work?

  • How does this compare to Crossover?

  • Will WineBottler let me be able to play Windows games on my Mac as well?

    • Yes.

  • I installed IE 7 and it works fine but no luck with IE 6 or IE 8. IE 8 kept trying to install 7. But If I can get IE 6 working that will be great.

  • This is interesting, but there’s not much documentation. The impression I get is that it’s built on Darwine, which is unsupported by the Wine project, and that WineBottler as a whole is not supported by the Wine community. Does this mean that WineBottler is being developed independent of the Wine project and that advancements with Wine will not filter through?

    CrossOver on the other hand, is the commercial solution, including support plans, software evangelists and a whole compatibility record-keeping system. They also support and collaborate with the Wine project.

  • hy,
    IE7: ok
    IE6: /./install_flash_player_ax.exe and try again. ???
    IE8: i can install, but i cant open a website…
    any ideas?

  • Okay, I feel I should balance out my last comment as it sounds quite negative. That wasn’t intended at all.

    I’ve now been using WineBottler for a few days and it’s actually really good. I haven’t been able to run everything I want with it, but those programs don’t work under CrossOver either anyway. I think WineBottler provides a really intuitive front end to what can be a confusing set of options using Wine.

    Also, i’ve found that for some programs that don’t run in CrossOver, it’s easy to test them using the Wine build included with WineBottler. Figuring out what extras need to be installed with Winetricks is a simple case of ticking boxes, and once you get it working, you can create a standalone app.

    For a work in progress it’s a wonderful little app and I highly recommend it. I also emailed the developer about an app I was trying to get working and the response I got was friendly and genuinely helpful.

  • I don’t wanna sound stupid or anything but i was wondering if programs such as 3d studio max work with this program……

  • I ran Solidworks on my old 2008 MBP with bootcamp

  • Too many cryptic errors… I’m going back to VM.


  • I installed it, and i will keep this on my mac for now..
    For checking in IE, i will use my GF’s windows laptop and IE and maybe i”ll install some VM solution soon as well.

    But after the GUI has been tweaked for IE, this can be used for quick checking in IE7 (except for the javascript part #fail).

    As a fully trustworthy solution this is not good enough yet but as an inbetween quick checker this will work..

  • when it loads Internet explorer the “E” is all wrapped up in rope. I know how it feels

  • hey will it convert microsoft office with a wine trick?

  • I wanted to see how ip cameras work and i found out I can only user the camera’s server properly in IE since it works with active x. I hated booting into bootcamp to see how the ip camera’s server work, I found this method with wine bottler, which I think is promising and the best thing if it can get close to working like VMwarefusion. But as of right now it is no where close. Only the idea is awesome.

    I installed ie8 and it didn’t work, tried ie7 and internet browsing works great but it doesn’t run activex controls, it hangs trying to connect to the ip camera’s browser page and never connects. But this is an awesome project.

    • hi,
      Is there any safari equivalent of active X to view ip camera browser page on MAC?

  • IE7 & IE8 seem to be working now but I can’t seem to access any secure websites. Which is why I need IE for our work portal. Anyone who can help? :(

  • I’m trying to run MIRC. Any ideas?

  • I can see that u got Guild Wars as a prefix. Did you ever manage to run it? If so how??

  • This isn’t perfect, but that it works. It must be developed

  • tried installing one of my own applications and got this error message…

    No JVM could be found on your system.
    Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME
    to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JDE or download a JDE from

    I have a mac and isnt java already installed on their? NEED HELP!!

    • Dude, Macs come with a pre-installed JVM, so does Windows, so you don’t need to test on both OSes. You dont need to run it in a win-32 emulator.

    • Hi Nathan,
      and everybody

      did you find a solution? I’ve the same Problem.

      And the reason why I cann’t run the app in iOSX is, that the program is a PPC Programm and doesn’t run on Lion, which I have installed.

      Any ideas what to do?

  • Can I run homebase a free application data base supplied by Abe books so can start my book dealing business

  • will I be able to run “homebase” a database application supplied free by ABE books so I can set up my book selling business

  • oh my gowd thank u hahlaughla (not the right spelling)

  • I was forced to install BOOTCAMP on my MacbookProf – so that i could run eWallet under windows and sync my data files with my Android phone.
    I have the “eWallet-install.exe” file in my Mac. Will Winebottler be able to use this file or do I need to locate the “installed” files of eWallet ??
    thanks in advance

  • Ok I tried wine app and the bottler. I really like it really made installing things like office xp perfectly. Which I rely on a lot. I have VMware on my mac and at first I really enjoyed it. It has a phat linx feel to it. However when you have tiny 40 gig hdd that has snow lep on your mac you can see where vmware starts to loose its glow as the snapshots start to take over. So in short wine app and bottler app is a good windows app solution for the most part. Now Regarding IE let all agree that its really not that important lol.

  • I cant get this to work. It keeps giving me an error “Prefix creation exited with error. (you find a logfile to help with debugging on you desktop)”, If anyone could help me, that would be great.

    • You need to check off the “Copy only” option under the “select file” button where yo select the file. This fixed it for me :D

      • when I tried that it created the app but when I opened it it would say launching app and just stay like that unless I aborted

      • when I tried doing this it loaded for a few seconds, X11 popped up, but then the initial app quit and X11 stayed open. After that nothing happens. I’m trying to run league of legends on my macbook with intel core 2 duo

      • I also cannot get ANY predefined prefixes to install…same error message as above. no option regarding “copy” on the predefined screen (I am not a computer guy)

        • same here :(

  • Need help! So I bought a digital copy of a game from Gamestop who uses the application Impulse to manage downloads. I did this before realizing that Impulse can only be run on PCs. I downloaded winebottler and when I tried to install Impulse it looked like everything was going to work, but there is no final download to where I can play my game. This is the impulse page can anyone help me?

    • I’m having the same problem! have you found a solution?

  • Hi! I am a recent Mac converter and I absolutely love everything about it. Though I am having some troubles: I need to install some Windows-based programs on my Mac (for school) and I can’t get it to work. But now I’ve done some research and found this. :) HOWEVER: I am very concerned about my Mac’s health and I am not willing to let any malware attack my computer just because I downloaded a program in order to run two (very important) Windows-based programs. So, my question is if there is any security risks with this program (like any Windows-malware being enabled to attack my Mac when in use). I think that sort of information was missing. Thank you for any answers! :]

  • Yesterday I found a similar write-up on another website and didnt very get it, but your write-up helped me comprehend it better. Thanks!

  • I cant get this to work. It keeps giving me an error “Prefix creation exited with error. (you find a logfile to help with debugging on you desktop)”, If anyone could help me, that would be great.

  • so im trying to download a game on my mac and its .exe obviously so i got through the winebottler part but when i try and run the application the little load bar will come up and will say launching “my applications name” then it will just quit… what did i do wrong?

  • HElp! My winebottler is working well but there is one program I want to access but it doesn’t work at all. What should I do? Im running winebottler on my MAC and I want my scrapbookflair to run on it as well. Thanks!

  • I want to run Epidata with the WineBottler since I found a site where this was recommended, but when I try to install the exe-file as a custom Prefix it ask for a name. And whatever name or location I choose it goes half of the way installing and then comes with an error message saying that the name is invalid. Can some clever mac-expert help me?

  • What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & assist other users like its helped me. Great job.

  • Can I run VZO, video call on mac by using wine-bottle?

  • A year after it’s final Beta release, none of the links work now, is WineBottler dead?

  • Can I run just plain old PC games using WineBottler? Please somebody reply!!

  • When i wrapped a Windows installer, and when I try to run it, it says “non 7z archive.” Can I fix this?

    • Your install .exe is corrupted, download the program again.

  • I keep trying to install steam,but I keep getting a message after it fails saying you need a logfile to debug your console. How do i get it to work

    • Yeah ive been having that same exact problem but only with another application

  • Do you have to download IE6 IE7 IE8 to get pc programs to work? I need it for math minicab which doesn’t work on my mac.

    • *minitab

  • did winetricks come installed for you?
    else how do you install it?

  • Hi. Thanks for the wonderful app but I can’t seem to instal IE7. It keeps giving me error message while . I have macbook air running OS Lion. Any solutions will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Error log file
    ##BOTTLING### Sandboxing…
    ###BOTTLING### Enabling Antialiasing…
    ###BOTTLING### Installing Truetype Fonts…
    ###BOTTLING### Registering Truetype Fonts…
    ###BOTTLING### installing ie7
    /private/tmp/winebottler/1322680529/ /private/tmp/winebottler/1322680529/ cannot execute binary file
    ### LOG ### Command ‘sh /private/tmp/winebottler/1322680529/ ie7’ returned status 126.

    ###ERROR### Command ‘sh /private/tmp/winebottler/1322680529/ ie7’ returned status 126.
    Task returned with status 15.

  • i want to download this video chat.

  • Am in Australia and wanting to only use Mac supported software on my new Mac…., but I want to be able to refer to the 16 years worth of data that I have in Quicken and cannot get it to work. Also our Tax Office uses a system called e-Tax (to enable lodging on-line) and I can’t get that to work on my Mac either. Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks.

    • To Virginia in Australia re: 16 years worth of data in Quicken and e-Tax

      Did you get any answers? I’m trying to get SAGE (simply accounting) to run on my MacOSX 10.6.8.

  • Hello,
    Based on your instructions I was able o install the application “Tally.ERP 9” v 3.1. I need to access a Win7 shared folder to work on the data available. How do I accomplish this? I have a test data on my mac desktop … bu not able to copy & paste it to the Wine created WINDOWS C:\ nor able to access the same by giving an IP address path (from within the application)

    Your input on this highly appreciated


    • Bimal,

      Did you find a solution to this? Even I’m unable to find the C:\Tally.EP9\Data folder.

      I’ve installed Tally.ERP9 v3.6 on my MBP Mid2010 but am unable to restore a data file


  • I’m trying to access a windows small business server via the web. This works fine on a Windows system but havent been able to get it to work in the mac.
    I installed an old version of Internet Explorer from the net and I could get to the log in screen but then the activeX was missing, so I couldn’t log on.
    I’ve installed Winebottler and tried it with Explorer 7 but now the page wont even open…
    I’ll leave it for a little longer when I get home but I dont think it’s going to work.
    Any one else been able to access a windows small business server with their mac? its 2003 edition software on the server, I think this might be part of the problem…?

  • Liking this!

    However, has anyone got a work around for getting windows programs to run which require a CD inserted?

    the program i’m running installed fine, but wants a cd to be inserted all the time :(

    • Did you find out?

  • can you run all windows programs off this? i want to run sony vegas pro and some other video editing programs

  • I am trying to install tally erp 9 version 3.2 on mac thru wine but since two days the download hasnt been complete, will this work or should i delete it.

  • this shit never EVER works for me. not even the stock apps that are supposed to run “seamlessly” it’s so depressing.

    i have all the right things needed to run this app. i’ve even tried to delete and reinstall it and still nothing yet. :’/

  • Hi everybody,

    I tried to install an own app and got this error:

    No JVM could be found on your system.
    Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME
    to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JDE or download a JDE from

    And the reason why I cann’t run the app in iOSX is, that the program is a PPC Programm and doesn’t run on Lion, which I have installed.
    Any ideas what to do?

  • I can not get a game called Shaiya to work on mac. CAN ANY HELP ME ….

  • can I play games such as the sims and Fable on winebottler? btw I’m 10 so thats y I’m asking :P

  • why does it take ages for wine to load? its searching for prefixes but i dont know what they are :( please help?

  • Hey I’m a huge Fan of EA games especially the command & conquer Strategy ones like red alert 2 getting to the point i was wondering if anyone could show me how to get it on my mac using wine bottler ???? Email me at [email protected]

  • I downloaded Microsoft Flight using custom prefixes, but when I try to open it I get an error ‘invalid command line’ from DirectX. Can someone help please?

  • Hello! I’ve installed Winebottler on my mac to try to run ArticleBot. It seems that ArticeBot was installed properly, but every time I try to open it (ArticleBot), it tries to open but then looks like it closes itself automatically. Any ideas of what is going on here and if it can be fixed? Thanks!

  • I would like to run MathCad 14 on my mac laptop with Leopard operating system. Will Winebottler handle a transfer of this program from a windows desktop.

  • Can I be able to use silverfrost ftn95, or the express edition in a simple way, or do i have to do some of the tricky part, or it can’t be done?

  • it’s working but we have to install the application everytime before we open it

  • Just got a Mac a few months ago and would really like to use MS Visio on it. I did install Wine the other day oddly enough to make a Windows game run and it worked very well. I think I might give this a shot for MS Visio but I am a skeptic.

  • Does the windows version of Yahoo Messenger run? It seemed to install, but when I click on the app, nothing happens.

  • Great thing about loving windows is the ease of transitioning into these craptastic machines while still knowing the coding behind windows. Programs like these are great when you know what you’re doing! Never had a problem with any PROGRAM I tried to use on this machine. Only problem I ever had was being forced to pay more money for crap hardware and Steve Jobs penis up my butt.

  • I installed winebottler + the prefix internet explorer 8. When I open internet explorer it just says “connecting” and doesn’t go any further, even after waiting for an hour.

    any help with this? Just need to access a site which can only be accessed using IE 8 or above.

  • Hello there, does winebottler work with online games? :)

  • It seemed to install, but when I click on the app, nothing happens.!!

  • Hi there. I’m trying to run banklink books on a mac. I’ve downloaded it, but when I got to launch it, it takes forever and doesn’t actually launch. What do you recommend?

  • every time i wanna run exe., i should open winnebottler, How to run exe. on mac withtout running winnebottler again?

  • I have to use bullhorn for work. anyone done that one before?

  • hey i got winebottler and it will always will freeze when im trying to open something.

  • I’m trying to run banklink books on a mac. I’ve downloaded it, but when I got to launch it, it tak

  • People STILL support IE6?? lol unless your customers live in CHINA or something, STOP!!!

  • I am very like this app, coz i can use and install windows app on my mac ..

    thanks !!

  • So… when I open winebottler, nothing comes up at all. If I try to get to a screen where I can open an application, it will bring up the screen and let me search my desktop, I will click on the application I want to open, it will close the finder, and then it doesn’t do anything. I’m so confused!

  • Hey, I’m trying to use this to play bioshock on my mac through the Steam Prefix, however upon installing, my progress bar loads up until the flash portion and then displays the message asking for “Prefix creation exited with error – you find a logfile to help debugging on your desktop.”

    Any suggestions as to where i should go from here?

  • Hi I want to install Tally ERP 9.0 version 3.6 on my MBP. Can somebody help me here please? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

  • so can i also get apps for windows i find off the internet??

  • When i try to download steam it says You find a logfile to help with debugging on your desktop. what does this mean????

  • Will Wine Bottler run an MMORPG? It doesn’t need to be installed, can it run off my external hard drive?

  • Hi i really want to play games on my mac i have installed wine bottler but just can’t get any game running. Can anyone please just help me trough the proses…?

  • Hi hi! I’m absolutely frantic!
    Winebottler and wine are working just fine and everything’s going well, but the game I’m trying to install needs “disc 2” inserted half way through its install.
    Is there a way to convert the .exe to a dmg without running it so I can have both files and maybe when I run the first “disc” (or coverted file of it) it might recognize that the second thing is already there and it’ll let me install the second half?
    Or is there another way to do it???
    Please help!

  • Ok can someone help me out, I’m a sociology student and I need to install this program called SAS to run research designs and things like that. Of course this program is only available for windows and there’s no alternative. I just tried to install it using Winebottler but with no succes. There’s only a log file… What should I do next?

  • mac sucks ! no games no shit

  • So i installed guild wars and then tried open it and a window came up that said “preparing”, it got to around 75% and it hasnt moved yet for about 10 min. The same thing happened when i tried to open star wars the old republic which is an exe file. should i wait it out or is it not working? Thanks

    • Same, please reply to me if you solved to problem

  • There a way to convert the .exe to a dmg without running it so I can have both files and maybe when I run the first “disc” (or coverted file of it) it might recognize that the second thing is already there and it’ll let me install the second half……

  • Will games work properly? because i want to install some windows games

  • im having a problem downloading IE7
    everytime i hit install it begins to install and then stops midway with the notification in a little window which says
    ‘prefix creation with error’
    ‘You find a logfile to help with debugging on your desktop.’
    Please help

  • Simply Amazing!!!

  • Does this work with DOS applications? I have a tiny (106kb) .exe that gives me the “Prefix created successfully.” dialog in WineBottler, but when I launch the Mac App, it appears in the dock, then immediately quits. Any thoughts?

  • I’m wanting to put the software that allows me to create digitized designs for my embroidery sewing machine on my Mac so I can get rid of the PC laptop. I haven’t checked the prefixes but I’m sure they’re not common ones. The big challenge to running the software is that there’s a dongle associated with it – it has to be plugged into the computer for the software to run. (Also there have been a bunch of updates since I got the original software – would I be able to get those updates via this route?).

  • I install Wine and Winebottler to run the Nokia PC Suite, but during install I get an error “GetConnected ran into a serious problem and needs to quit”. If I install it checking the “Copy only” checkbox than it install but when I double click to open it opens the “Welcome to the Nokia PC Suite maintenance program” which asks me if I want to repair the program or uninstall it. I don’t know how to get my messages out of my Nokia 5310 Xpress Music.

  • Can we install Turbo c++????
    Pls Guys…
    Reply fast…
    Exam Tomorrow….

  • Hello,
    I have a Windows running software which I successfully installed via WineBottler on my MacBook Pro. To join all functions of the software I need to register it. For this I have a valid license but the software running via WineBottler doesn’t create an internet connection. Are there some settings in WineBottler where I can allow this?
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Did you get a solution for this?
      I want to try running SAGE Simply Accounting 2011 and have the same requirement.

  • There is only one Windows based software I would like to run, which is a watered down version of CADD (very small) I have some info on the software but don’t know how to convey that to you

  • I am looking for something that will help me run naviextras on my Mac. Unfortunately wine bottler want. I would love to hear if anything is found.

  • Lets all remember that this program is only is beta…

  • i followed ur methods..but when i get stuck at the installation of Meta Trade 4..the configuration appears and then it says prefix creation exited with error…what should i do.

  • Hi, I installed accounting software called Tally, it’s getting installed properly & also running till I quit the software. When again I try to run it, it says Usage : (option could be one of) ‘i’ to install, ‘s’ to start, ‘t’ to stop, ‘u’ to uninstall. Does any one has any idea what to do further?

  • I keep trying to open “EZvid” but i just can’t! please help me