Thanks to Our Sponsor: ClipBuddy

Are you the kind of person that wears out the CMD, C, and V keys on your keyboard before anything else? Then perhaps you need a clipboard manager, an app that can help you get more out of copying and pasting on your Mac. That’s exactly what our sponsor this week, ClipBuddy, is designed for. And best of all, you can get ClipBuddy for free this week!

ClipBuddy remembers everything you’ve saved to your clipboard: text, images, and more. It then lets you quickly go back through everything you’ve copied, and paste exactly what you want into your apps. You can search through your clip history to find what you want, complete with info about when and where you copied from, so you’ll never lose anything even if you forget to paste it into your notes app. Then, there’s hotkeys and more to let you paste what you’ve copied easily.

The Ondesoft team continues improving ClipBuddy with updates, new features, and more. It’s recently gotten Dropbox sync, import and export options, settings to hide the dock icon, and more.

Go Get It!

ClipBuddy usually costs $29.95 from Ondesoft’s online store, but for this week’s sponsorship, we have a special deal. You can get a free copy of ClipBuddy just for liking it on Facebook or sharing it on Twitter. Head over to the Ondesoft ClipBuddy giveaway site for the info you need to get a free copy of ClipBuddy.

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  • Correction.

    “You can get a free copy of ClipBuddy just for liking it on Facebook or sharing it on Twitter. ”

    Not so. You must both like it on Facebook AND apparently all other three options, share on twitter, follow on twitter, review in your blog.

    I like it on facebook, and nothing happened. No download option.

    Is something broken?


    • Erm…sorry, my mistake. They should direct you automatically, but they don’t. After liking, you have to scroll to the top of the page and click the Download tab. It will be there in a list of downloads you may already have with Ondesoft.


  • Was it created by a 7 year old Russian kid? Absolutely pathetic application. I’m happy with Alfred’s clipboard viewer, thanks.

  • The promo is a little misleading. One would assume a free copy is a free copy but apparently it’s only a 15 day trial.

    • I believe it’s supposed to be a full free copy; you might want to contact their team if it’s not working.

      • Thanks! I will!

        • I stand corrected. The registration code was in the Read Me text file.

  • Just use Flycut. It is an older open source CLI that was recently wrapped in a nice GUI and put on the app store. 100% free. I am usually supportive of devs being paid fairly, but $30 for a clipboard helper? C’mon.