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Are you a movie buff that loves keeping track of your favorite movies, those you own and those you’ve seen at the theatre? For movie lovers and collectors alike, Coollector Movie Database, our sponsor this week, is your personalized movie database and video collection manager, all in one!

Collector includes a whole encyclopedia of more than 100,000 movies and series in its download. By rating the movies and persons, you’ll remember what you’ve seen and how much you’ve liked it, and you’ll highlight your favorite actors and directors. This personalization, combined with the IMDb rating and the Youtube trailers, will allow you to quickly estimate if a movie is worth watching or adding to your wish-list.

Coollector Movie Database will also take care of your DVD collection: you’ll keep track of the DVD technical details, their location, and which ones you’ve loaned out to your friends. Finally, if you have video files on your computer, the program will automatically scan them and you’ll be able to launch them by clicking the play icon.

Go Get it!

Ready to keep better track of your movies? You can download Coollector Lite for free from the App Store, and keep track of up to 50 movies with it to try it out. Then, you can get the full version of Coollector for just $14.99 this week, 25% off its normal price. But hurry: the special discount price is only available this week!

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  • Didn’t know this application. Seems to have a history on Windows and only recently released a Mac version of the it.

    It’s good for App Storm to have sponsor which help people to purchase a licence at reduced cost.

    However and i’ll make it short. This application is not for me, certainly not in the state it’s in now. GUI is far from what we’ve used too on OS X and secondly it take way to much time to add a movie to your own collection. Maybe it’s me but when i add a movie and also want to signal what type it is ( Blu-Ray, DVD, … ) and where i got it from (US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, … )
    Just to awkward for me.

    Well it had at least it’s five minutes of fame on my iMac.