Thanks to Our Sponsor: Get Dealy Summer Bundle

Our sponsor this week is Get Dealy’s Summer Bundle, one of the best deals on Mac apps you’ll find this summer. You’ll get $500 worth of great Mac apps for just $49, and can even get one app for free!

The Get Dealy Summer Bundle includes 10 apps, including award winning Mac and web apps that can help you be more productive and make it easier to work on your Mac. You’ll get Crossover XI to run Windows apps on your Mac, GaragePay to keep up with your PayPal payments easier, Snippets to help you quickly reuse code snippets, Espionage to encrypt folders and keep your data safe, Ronin to track time and make invoices, and more.

Best of all, the Get Dealy Summer Bundle is the exclusive way to preorder a license for Archy, the Mac app for getting the most out of Google Drive. We called it a Must-Have app in our recent review, and if you’re using Google Drive all the time, it’s sure to be a handy app to have around.

Then, if you’re ever looking for deals on software in the future, be sure to check Get Dealy, as they’re always running great discounts on apps you’ll love.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a great bundle of Mac apps this summer, your search is over. Head over to Get Dealy’s site to get your copy of the Summer Bundle before the deal’s over a week from today. Best of all, you can get a free copy of Speedy, an app to help you launch favorite apps, sites, and more quickly, just for entering your email. That’s a deal you really shouldn’t pass up!

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  • If I were any of you I wouldn’t buy that bundle. It *may* not be a scam for users but it is for developers; I accepted a deal with Get Dealy a few months ago to have my apps sold at a discount by them and NEVER got paid.

    Their support was good… until it was time to get paid. My email was “being forwarded to the person responsible for payments”. They “thought I had already been paid”, etc. For at least two months. At one point I simply did not receive any answer from them.

    In the end I just gave up. These guys are complete scammers. Avoid like plague.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’ve followed up with you by email, it looks like there may have been an oversight on our end. We’ll get this resolved for you ASAP, just need a couple of details via email.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.

      • You stopped responding to my emails. Seems like you truly are scammer. I was right all along.

        Please everyone, stay away from GetDealy at all costs.