Thanks to Our Sponsor: Live Wallpaper

Looking for a way to make your Mac’s background a bit more exciting? Then you should give Live Wallpaper, our sponsor this week, a try. It’s been the #2 paid app in the US Mac App Store, and is still the #9 top paid app today, months after getting released.

Live Wallpaper lets your Mac showcase more than just a pretty picture. It lets you see the date, time, weather, and custom text, integrated into a beautiful picture or animated background. It’ll work on multiple monitors, too, giving you a great way to take advantage of your extra screen real estate. Even if you use full-screen apps or spaces on OS X, Live Wallpaper will work just the way you’d expect – like your default OS X wallpaper.

Live Wallpaper includes over 20 themes, with more being released all the time. You can fully customize the themes in Edit mode, changing the background and moving around the time and other objects in the theme. Or, you can download custom themes and talk to other users on the Live Wallpaper forum.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been wanting a simple way to liven up your Mac’s desktop, and make it a bit more useful at the same time, then be sure to try out Live Wallpaper. It’s just $0.99 in the App Store, plenty cheap enough to try out and see if it’s what you need to keep your Mac’s desktop from growing too boring. Plus, it just might be enough to keep you from ever having to switch over to Dashboard again.

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  • I don’t trust this company. I have used this app and it heats up my MacBook and uses up RAM and CPU. My fans kick on high. Then I did a review of the app in the Mac App Store to warn others. It was very thorough and still got voted down as not being helpful.Then I discovered that all the negative reviews at the time were getting voted down.

    • It depends on theme. You may choose animation theme which eats up CPU in every application. Choose theme that has less animation and it will not heat up your Mac.

    • @Dusty, It not all true. I used to use animated wallpaper and it consume cpu like you said, but when I use static wallpaper or one that have little animation. It not that bad.

  • I love this app. Used for a long time. Make my computer look so cool.

  • Early releases (1.x) of this app sucked big time. Newer updates (2.5) are much improved. The custom themes is nice. It can suck CPU and RAM so I have mine set to only run when on AC power (via an automator script) and not when on battery. One BIG complaint though… the weather never updates. I’m looking at my Live Wallpaper screen and its still showing the weather from when I arrived at work and manually refreshed. The dev needs to add an option to force it to recheck every x number of minutes or hours. Until that happens, the weather portion of it is pretty much worthless. Love the new HTC theme for it, though…