Thanks to our Sponsor: Logoist

Our sponsor this week is Logoist, an app that makes it simple to design high quality vector logos. You can use it to make everything from logos to book covers, photo collages to website banners, you can design anything you want with Logoist.

Designing high-quality vector graphics doesn’t have to be difficult, but it often can be with most graphics apps. Logoist is designed to make it simple to make exactly the logo you want. It includes the features you need to be productive and creative, with advanced layer and blending support, a sophisticated path editing tool, and touchpad gestures. You can easily use any font and transform the text shape, then apply effects, gradients, and shades to make the text your own. Then, with over 3,000 vector clipart images and 150 patterns, as well as over 200 preset effects, there’s enough features in Logoist to help you design a logo from scratch or quickly make a unique one with predesigned elements.

When you’re done making your logo, you can easily use however you want. Logoist lets you export up to 600 dpi in a variety of formats, or you can even export in Photoshop PSD format and keep your layers intact.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to make logos, banners, and more without spending hours in Photoshop, Logoist might be just what you’ve been looking for. You can download a free trial from their site, or purchase it directly from the App Store for just $19.99, as it’s currently on a 50% sell off it’s normal price of $39.99. It’s a great time to pick up a copy of Logoist if you’ve been looking for a way to make logos easier!

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  • Are you kidding me? I am a designer and this app literally offends me. Putting a bevel on some font you type in does not make a logo. I don’t even know where to begin slamming the company that developed this app, but looking at their own logo it’s easy to see that they don’t have anyone with design sense working there.

  • high-quality vector logos in 5 minutes?
    flame and “3D” effects?
    3000 vector clipart images?
    $40 (HALF OF THE PRICE! $20!)- while Pixelmator is given away for $15?

    I have remember my classmates does something like that in early 2000 in theirs PowerPoint presentations. But they was a kids and does not know better…
    But this…this just should not exist. Not as mac app in 2012.

    p.s. the only two pictures on app site that does not cause my eyes to bleed – is photoshop interface screenshot and macbook touchpad.