Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Billings Pro

I’d like to take a few moments to say thank you to our weekly sponsor, Billings Pro. Every time I ask Mac users about the software they use for managing clients, projects, and time tracking, one name always comes up. Billings.

The basic version of Billings is perfect for freelancers and small companies – but if you run a larger organisation, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Billings Pro. This advanced version offers powerful time tracking, synchronization between different computers, and the ability to review and approve invoices. It’s a powerful beast.

I know that I’m not alone in thinking that Billings is one of the best tools available to the Mac-using freelancer, and the Pro version takes the functionality on offer to a new level. Check out the full overview, and go download a trial to give Billings Pro a try!


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  • Since using Billings – my business has literally boomed! It totally takes the chore out of invoicing/statements and ensures that I know when clients are late paying their bill, and it’s easy to send out reminders etc. The recurring billing cycle is *heaven* to keep my hosting clients in line!

    I love Billings from start to finish, and can highly recommend it to any designers/freelancers needing an easier way to handle “all that stuff”.

  • The only problem is when you really want to highly customize something: the docs are a lot but all quite superficial, and if you ask for support, you’ll likely not have any answer or poor ones.

  • Luca – I think you’re overthinking this. The whole point of Billings is that it offers you immediate and fast accurate billing. The fact that you can customize the invoices/statements/estimates etc is like a cherry on the frosting for me. It was a little tricky until I got the hang of it (the customization part) but once I had it, it was easy to roll out my business identity across all three documents.

  • @Luca

    The majority of the reason that the template editor is difficult is because of how complex it is, similar to why a beginner might find Photoshop overwhelming.

    That being said there’s obviously room for improvement, and we’re definitely aware of that :)