Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: iDraw

Our featured sponsor this week is iDraw, a fantastic vector illustration application.

What Pixelmator is to Photoshop, iDraw is to Illustrator. This amazing app will blow you away in its ability to provide professional level vector editing capabilities at a price that you simply won’t believe.

iDraw for Mac possesses all of the tools you need for a powerful resolution-independent workflow: layers, text, a bezier pen tool, gradients, brushes, masking, shape tools, versatile export options, boolean operations, and a lot more. Create beautiful works of art in an attractive and easy to use interface, whether at your desktop or on the go. iDraw for iPad is the perfect companion to iDraw for Mac and is the one and only vector editing application that I personally use on my iPad. I’ve tried the rest and nothing comes close to iDraw in providing a top notch vector experience in iOS.

Try It Today!

If you’re looking to get started in professional vector editing on the Mac, you simply have to try iDraw. Other high end options will run you in the ballpark of five hundred dollars or more, while iDraw is a mere $24.99. You simply can’t beat the value here and I can’t recommend enough that you give this app a shot.

For more information, check out the iDraw website. When you’re convinced that iDraw is for you, hit up the Mac App Store and download your copy today.

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  • So how do I “Try It Free Today!” ? The website doesn’t offer a trial version and the Mac App Store only has a paid version. Is there a free version to try out?

    • Hi all, this was 100% my fault. There’s not a free trial, the headline should’ve always read: Try It Today! No excuse, just a mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • “Try” still assumes that you can get your money back if it completely sucks. I was told how insanely great Artboard was, they had a trial, it was the worst vector app I ever used (and I used Inkscape … *cringe*). How can I waste $25 for an app that will likely suck just as bad, this site said it was awesome too.

        If I just go by reviews, artboard is just as awesome and “has everything I need”.

        Change “Try It Today!” to “Buy it Today!”

  • Yes, exactly how does one try it free? Am i missing something here?

  • Same for me.

  • i would buy it but first i’ll to try it for free=$24.99 .. seriously ????

  • I’ve just read the manual.. (it’s the only thing you can try for free – Appstorm get serious ) looks very nice, great UI but it doesn’t do and export slices.. i’ll buy it when they do it.

  • Back to Inkscape, not this.

  • app-storm / idraw-bats.jpg (remove spaces).

    It’s not brilliant I know, er, the software. But it’s got potential. Having said that, I can’t see it denting Illustrator’s popularity.

    I’ve used Pixelmator in the past for creating web banners. I’d really like this iDraw to have the same depth of potential, but I can’t see it.


    Hi, it’s me again…

    No way is this as good at Illustrator, but it could be, especially if the price stays as it is. Erm, I’ve been playing around with this iDraw, mostly because I can’t be bothered to fire up Adobe Illustrator, and also because it reminds me a little bit of an Illustrator 8 of long ago, perhaps.

    The Pen tool is fantastic. It works a treat. I’m not too keen on those boolean, or cutting tools, but it’s early days — for me and iDraw, I suppose.

    In the link to the image above, which isn’t a masterpiece, was created with two simple shapes — a circle and a star.

    I simply made one of each, grouped them, made a copy and locked them. I then pasted them in place and using the rotate tool created what looks like a whole bunch of other stars around a circle, when in fact one group was created and three other copies were made, rotating after pasting. I then cleared up the remaining three circles.

    It’s a real shame that there isn’t a demo version, so that peeps can just try these things out before they go and waste their money.