Thanks to our Weekly Sponsor: Macbundler’s Pay What You Want Bundle

Like the Humble Bundle’s pay what you want bundles? Then you’ll love Macbundler’s latest bundle: the Pay What You Want Bundle!

This bundle is similar to the Humble Bundles, since you can pay what you want for the bundle, starting at $1. That’ll get you the first two apps: the game Destination: Treasure Island, and Imagericks Pro, a simple image editor using Core Image filters. Beat the average price that everyone else has paid, and you’ll also get Data Guardian, a secure database for your Mac, Cockpit, the missing control center for all your apps, and Thoughts, a great way to keep your info together on your Mac.

Best of all, with every purchase you can give to the two charities that the bundle is supporting: charity: water and StandUp To Cancer. So what are you waiting for? Go get your own copy of the Macbundler Pay What You Want Bundle! It’s only available through Friday, so don’t wait too long.

Right now, you can get the first two apps for $1, or pay more than $7.90 to get all of the apps. Or, donate even more and help make sure everyone can get the bonus extra app that’ll be unlocked when $10,000 has been raised for charity!

If you happen to get the bundle, be sure to come back here and tell us what app you liked the most!

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  • Seems to be a glitch. I paid for a bundle.

    Got an email from MacBundle with the following:
    Thanks for joining Macbundler. Your licenses would be stored in this account.
    Your password is: xxxxxx (Please change this in your account dashboard). Login here.

    Got a confirmation email of my payment via paypal/credit card, Subject:
    Your payment to Samuel Kessington

    However, neither in any email (I checked spam nothing relevant there), nor my new account at MacBundle has any link or license info. I have no access to my new software.

    Got any help? Thanks!

    • Hi Annette,

      Sorry for the delay. Paypal have been having issues sending notifications after payment as evidenced here ( We have to manually process licenses while they work on a fix. All licenses should be in your account now.

      • Thank you, Samuel, for your reply. I received an email from macbundler twelve hours ago with the links to my downloads.

        Your response is much appreciated!