Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Magican

Our featured sponsor this week is Magican, a great way to monitor and clean up your Mac’s system.

Magican is a Swiss army knife of Mac utilities. It’s positively overflowing with incredibly useful ways to help you keep your Mac running smoothly. Search out and delete useless files, remove bloat from caches and old binaries, watch your active processes, adjust your fan speeds, see suggestions for great free and discounted apps; this app does it all.

The crazy part that you simply won’t believe is that this is a free application. You read that right, there’s easily $40 in value here but the developers have seen fit to simply give it away.

Go Get It!

Magican is available as a free download on the developer website. Go grab it right away and get your Mac back in shape.

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  • I’d recommend looking at some of the comments on before downloading and installing this. I had much of the same issues listed there.

  • man – i came back and looked at that logo no less than 3x… first it looked like a water elephant, then an umbrella over a cloud, then a umbrella elephant – FINALLY is see that’s it’s an umbrella over a floppy with an eyeball stuck on (and some really bad highlights)

    u should write an article around the worst icons for mac apps ever!