Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Pixelmator

Our sponsor this week is Pixelmator, the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast, and powerful image editing app for the Mac. It keeps getting better, with new updates that added soft proofing, new effects and an effects browser, alignment guides, iCloud support, and more!

Best of all, the latest updated added CMYK support to Pixelmator, so you can now work in CMYK colors and print your pictures while making sure they’ll look the same on everything: your computer, your mobile devices, and in print. It even now has advanced PSD support so you’ll be able to work even better with Photoshop files.

That’s in addition to the great editing features that users already love in Pixelmator. With advanced layer support, drawing and retouching tools, file versions, web export features, and more, there’s something for everyone to love. Best of all, it’s built on the best OS X technology, letting it take advantage of your GPU to speed up your work and helping you work faster with Automator integration.

Go Get It!

If you’re ready to get started editing photos and creating beautiful digital art on your Mac in an app that’s designed to make the most of OS X, head over to the App Store and pick up a copy of Pixelmator! Pixelmator usually costs $59, but it’s on sell for the Holidays for just $14.99 right now. You can even download a free trial from their site to try out all of Pixelmator’s features for free for 30 days.

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Add Yours
  • Had Pixelmator since the beginning. I wouldn’t know why any non-pro would ever want Photoshop, this app is so much easier to understand and thus work with.

  • Wow, really cool!

    As a photographer with little time on my hands, I find this very easy to use, quick, and nice effects. I really like how you can scrub over the effect to set the default action before double clicking to put it onto the image.

    I am going to use the 30day trial, but probably pick this up before the sale is off. And BTW, when I downloaded the trial, no email, form, or anything but click and file downloads. Refreshing!

    I like this app heaps!


    • Healing tool is SPOT ON!!

      This is so easy, editing photos is, well, now almost fun : )

    • I’ve had this for a while and all I can say is… don’t wait!!! Get it while it’s on sale.

      This is a great app and at a steal of a price.

    • Soft Proofing and Vintage are going to save me LOTS of time!

  • Why can I drag some files from iPhoto onto Pixelmator, but not others?

    • Can you narrow it down to a specific file type? RAW file or some other format.

      • jpeg, but I have other jpegs that open fine and RAW opens fine. Odd. Can’t be size as I have opened larger files.

        Also, this is a file previously edited in Pixelmator, which makes it really odd.