Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Pixelmator

This week, I’m incredibly proud to have Pixelmator as our Mac.AppStorm sponsor. One of my all-time favourite apps, this is a fantastic alternative to the increasingly-bloated Photoshop for all manner of graphic editing work.

Labelled as an “image editor for the rest of us”, Pixelmator’s interface is enjoyable to use while maintaining a simple learning curve for new adopters. If you’re already a seasoned Photoshop pro, you’ll feel right at home with the familiar palette interface and similar tools.

Pixelmator is based on Core Image technology that uses your Mac’s video card for image processing. This means that it’s fast. It supports a huge range of graphics formats, and the price of $59 is a welcome change to the inflated charge for many competing apps.

Although I still use Photoshop from time to time, Pixelmator has become by go-to tool for 80% of tasks that require working with graphics. If you yearn for a faster, sleeker alternative to Photoshop, give Pixelmator a try today.


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  • Pixelmator is an awesome fun powerful tool! Check out this vintage radio I made to show what Pixelmator is capable of

  • Call me dumb but how do I paste a picture I work with in one window to another? I just can’t find it.

    • Assuming it works the same way as in photoshop, you can select the whole canvas and press cmd+c then.

      In Photoshop this copies the contents of the current layer, if you want a “screenshot” of what you’re working on in a document you’ll probably have to do some kind of merging of layers and copy the image then.

      I’m sorry for posting the Photoshop way and not the PixelMator way (awesome app btw), but I hope it helps anyway.

    • Another way is to simply click on the layer icon and drag it to the one you’re working on, like

  • Dumb I am then.
    It worked! Thank you guys!