Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: PopClip

Our featured sponsor this week is PopClip, an awesome utility that brings iOS style copy and paste functionality to your Mac.

On an iPhone or iPad, selecting text immediately brings up controls that allow you to perform functions on the selection such as copy, paste and define. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, PopClip brings this exact functionality to text selection on a Mac. It’s a great idea and the implementation is solid. I really love having these controls appear right in place and specifically find the define and spellcheck functions to be quite useful.

PopClip even goes beyond this functionality by providing search and link functionality. Clicking the magnifying glass will immediately search the selection on Google and clicking the link icon will open any links included in the selection in your default browser (or mail client if it’s an email address). Another feature that I really like is the ability to exclude PopClip from certain applications, so it’s only there when you want it to be.

Grab the Free Trial!

This is one utility that you can immediately appreciate the very first time you use it. To see for yourself, head over to the PopClip website to grab the free trial. Once you’re convinced, the full version can be purchased on the Mac App Store.

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  • I see Apple, Inc developers saying “Why didn’t we do that?”

  • This app is awesome! Very rarely do I find something so trivial that I know.. “I have to have this”

    As an iPhone developer this is awesome with Xcode!

  • Love, love, love this app!

  • ⌘+X cut
    ⌘+C copy
    ⌘+V paste
    ctrl+⌘+D look up in dictionary (also double three finger tap in Lion)
    ⌘+⇧+L search in google
    ⌘+⇧+. ( or ⌘+: ) spell check

    What do I need this app for?

    • Oh! I just dropped by the App Store and saw it costs $5!!

      Damn that’s almost a dollar per shortcut.

    • You don’t. But maybe someone who uses their machine differently has use for it, perhaps someone who doesn’t utilize the keyboard as much as you do.

      You seriously can’t sit there on your own and think of how other people in the world might use their machine differently then you? Is it that hard to think outside of your little box?

      Are you really that terrible?

      You are.


    • @nacho To hit ⌘+C I have to move a finger of my left hand about 3″ & a finger of my right hand about 4″. Using PopClip I have to move just the one finger a couple of millimetres. The first action takes about 2 secs the second less than one 1 sec. It saves time. It’s about productivity dude, not laziness.

      If you prefer doing thing’s the slow old fashioned way that’s cool but don’t knock the kids in the fast lane! I love PopClip & consider it an absolute bargain at $5.

      Have you tried the trial?

      • Productivity is using the keyboard, not the trackpad/mouse.

        You can’t avoid the keyboard because you need it for typing, but you can almost always avoid using the trackpad/mouse:

        with ⌘+TAB you can change to another app, with ⌘+` you can change to another window of the same app (in most apps) and with ctrl+nº (or →, or ←) you can change to another space.

        When typing witch ⌥+→ (or ⌥+←) you can select a whole word, and with ⌘+→ (or ⌘+←) you can select a whole line.

        On internet with ⌘+↑ you go to the top of the current page and with ⌘+↓ to the bottom, and with ⌘+→ and ⌘+← you navigate through the browsing history.

        And of course browsing the Finder is almost unnecessary with Spotlight (⌘+space).

        Maybe this is old fashioned way for you “cool guys”, but it isn’t slow at all. It is quick and productive, and I don’t depend on a third party app that might stop working (for whatever reason) and leave me without my default way of doing things.

  • Oh well, I guess I’d better say goodbye to my friends ;-)