Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Postbox

Our featured sponsor this week is Postbox, an unbelievably great Mac email client that you just have to try for yourself.


Postbox 3

Postbox 3, the latest iteration of this awesome and powerful alternative, brings about a ton of great new features and enhancements. The interface has been completely revamped to be more slick and streamlined, great Lion features like fullscreen mode and gestures have been added, there’s better Gmail support and social integration and they’ve even added Dropbox support as an alternative to traditional email attachments.

All of our old favorite features are still present as well. Reply chains are absolutely gorgeous and clearly organized, search is a breeze, and the built-in file browser makes attaching files effortless.

I’m personally extremely picky about email clients and won’t use just anything. That being said, I absolutely love Postbox. It really nails that fine line of being simple enough to pick up and use right away while being considerably more powerful than any of its rivals. If you haven’t tried Postbox in a while, it’s time to give it another look.

Go Get It!

Go grab your 30-day free trial from the Postbox website. Once you realize that you can’t live without it, the full version can be purchased from the Postbox Store.

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  • I would use that app if scrolling weren’t so sluggish, and if it hadn’t a general feeling of sluggishness during navigation (tried in two Macs). I have lots and lots of e-mails, would that be reason? Just compare the speed between Sparrow and Postbox. This a huge detail, which matters a lot to me.

    • I second the comments below, Postbox certainly isn’t sluggish for me. It’s downright zippy.

  • I love Postbox! Not sluggish for me in any way. Use it on my iMac and MBA. I have lots of e-mail aswell (using IMAP of course), so don’t know what’s wrong with your setup.

  • Thiago – File a bug report on our support portal and we’ll investigate. Postbox shouldn’t be sluggish at all, so there could be something else going on.

  • I wouldn’t say Postbox is sluggish but Sparrow is better for sure (at least for me).

  • Version 2 definitely had some bugs to work out at one point but the current Postbox is very solid – I’m super happy with it.

    I use it with the calendar plugin (sync’d with Google and resultantly with my iPhone) and it’s perfect.