Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Postbox

Our weekly sponsor this week is Postbox, a first class email app for your Mac. It’s a powerful way to make you more productive with Gmail and other email accounts, helping you find the conversations and attachments you need while keeping you connected to your contacts.

Most of us use email daily, and often find ourselves sending dozens of emails a day, so your email app can be one of the most important apps on your computer. But as Mozilla’s stopped Thunderbird’s development, and Sparrow has been bought out by Google, you might be feeling like you need to find a new email app to take on your messaging challenges. Postbox might be just what you’re looking for.

It includes advanced Gmail features like labels and keyboard shortcuts, as well as advanced conversation view that makes it even easier to keep up with your email conversations. It has a powerful search tool that can help you find messages and attachments. Better still, it includes social network integration, and lets you send Dropbox links to files instead of having to deal with attachment file size limits. With a native Mac design, support for touchpad gestures, and a team that’s actively developing it, Postbox is easily one of the best email apps today.

Go Get It!

If you’re ready to get started managing your email better on your Mac, it’s a great time to try out Postbox. You can try it free for 30 days, then buy it for just $9.99. Or, if you’ve tried Postbox in the past and have a license for an older version, you can upgrade for just $4.95! Postbox also has new team discounts, so you can outfit your whole company with Postbox’s powerful email features for less than ever.

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Add Yours
  • I use Postbox and it’s great. I moved over from Thunderbird a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Pretty sure I paid more than $10 for it to — totally worth it at that price.

    Postbox is very adaptable, you can add your own filters with colour-coding and really make it your own. I recommend it.

    However, it should be stated that this is NOT part of the new trend in desktop software in which they try to copy iOS apps, such as Sparrow or Reeder. I’m not into that, but you may be.

  • Now that Sparrow has been bought by Google, I might just have a look into Postbox.
    I thought it was no longer actively developed?

    • That’s the same I though after reading the title of the article.

    • I am the same Matt, might be on a lookout for a new email software. Sparrow was great, so lightweight and all. I doubt that Postbox will offer the same experience, no?

  • I’ve tried it and decided to just stick with Thunderbird. Postbox offers only a few extra bells and whistles on top of TB — there is not enough practical difference to justify the cost.

    Plus PostBox support is terrible. You can either browse their KB or ask the Thunderbird community. Either way they don’t want to hear from you. I will not do business with developers who don’t talk to their customers.

  • I am a big fan of Post Box, I just took over IT support for a small business of about 30 windows machines and I didn’t want to spend the money for office or have to try to train the employees on outlook. I chose Postbox due to the low cost and ease of use and user friendly features. Totally worth the money in my opinion and the support isn’t any worse than Microsoft.

  • I’m also a Sparrow user. Goodbye Sparrow, welcome Postbox. I used Sparrow with the sidepane open, so Postbox comes close. It’s not that lightweight, but it does its job pretty well.

    It used to be a $30 app (that’s why I didn’t choose Postbox), but now the price is $10. :)