Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Postbox

I’d like to take a moment to say a big thank you to our weekly sponsor, Postbox. This is a wonderful email client for OS X, that goes far above and beyond the functionality of Apple’s own

The latest release of Postbox brings an array of fantastic functionality, some of which we covered a few weeks ago. This includes a unified inbox, account groups, improved conversation views, and “Quick Actions” for replying to messages.

I’ve been a faithful user ever since buying my first Mac, and never found a reason to try anything else (I never fell in love with Gmail’s interface). But after trying out Postbox a few months ago, I haven’t looked back. It’s fast, beautiful, and I’m continually impressed by the little features that make it a pleasure to use.

If you’re growing tired with non-existent updates to, I can’t recommend Postbox highly enough. It’s the best desktop email client I’ve ever used, and you should absolutely give it a try today.


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  • Recenty I’ve noticed that a majority of your posts have basically been repeats .. Is there any way you could provide a wider range of posts ?

    • Hi Alex – This isn’t a post, really. It’s just a way to say thank you to our sponsor for the week, Postbox.

      Let us know what type of content you’d like to read – Would love to hear your ideas!

      • I actually enjoy the posts on appstorm mac, since the quality of the content is great, as opposed to other ones like Lifehacker which provide tons of posts everyday, but I find most of them useless.

  • I really love Postbox ! it’s my main mailreader client

  • I tried Postbox the last week and i really loved the features this program offers, but i really missed the opportunity to simply click on a date and have a new iCal Event with automatically all the important dates in it.

    If Postbox can bring this feature in one next update i’ll definitely but until then i stick to the more OSX integrated

  • I’ve recently noticed that there’s an increasing number of articles on Mac.Appstorm seem to be uncomfortably biased towards your sponsors. Every other article seems to be highlighting a sponsor’s product or providing overviews. This is kind of ok because most of your sponsor’s apps are good but it’s getting a little nauseating day in day out. Mac.Appstorm is looking more and more like an info channel for your sponsors which is a real turn-off.

  • wouldn’t you do the same? I find the posts really useful! Thanks Mac.Appstorm!

  • Postbox has some nice features, but without Exchange support it is a no go for many. Have to agree with APhwogel, stick with the more OSX integrated for now.

  • David, I hold you solely responsible for me having purchased Postbox a couple of minutes ago. I just love the quoted conversation view in our last email exchange and tried Postbox – and within 2 days, I had finally managed to reduce the size of my inbox by two-thirds. The app is just so beautiful and a joy to work with that I get stuff done that the Google Mail interface just didn’t motivate me to.