Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Radium

Our sponsor this week is Radium, our favorite way to listen to the radio on a Mac!

Radium is a fantastic, Lion-ready Internet radio player that nestles right into your menu bar. Don’t let that fool you though, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with features. Radium allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world and gives you a song history, album art, keyboard shortcuts, social media integration and more! There’s even an equalizer so you can custom tailor your audio experience.

Go Get It!

Here at AppStorm, we’re huge fans of Radium and gave it high marks in our review. If you’re a radio fan, you simply shouldn’t be without this application. To learn more, check out the Radium Website or download it right from the Mac App Store.

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  • Very lovely. I listen to the radio thru the internet in French due to the fact there are no french radio stations in my area. I am used to the flash player and the iPhone App. I am glad that this is displayed to make it easier for me to listen. Time to check out the demo and make sure everything works right. And maybe even purchase it!

  • Loooooove Radium!

    Just had to say that

  • I bought it in a bundle a few months ago. The concept is awesome, but the app is simply not working 50% of the time. I have 2 favorites that I can actually listen to, but two many radios in the list are just impossible to connect (“Doh! Lost connection”). It’s a shame, it could be really good, but it’s currently not usable. Hope they’ll fix this one day or another.

    • Please let us know which stations are not working for you, and we’ll fix them right away. It certainly works more than 50% of the time =P

      • I have to agree with Pierre in that it really feels like 50% (every other) station doesn’t connect. You guys could try to monitor the feeds instead of asking paying customers to troubleshoot for you! That might help figure out the problem instead of waiting for your subscribers to “work it out for you”. Is that the new norm? Totally omit testing and put the burden on the consumer? Shameful!

      • aaron, the idea is that we can’t test Radium on every computer, and occasionally some combination of hardware and network settings prevent some users from being able to connect. It’s a standard bug/error reporting process that other software companies do all the time, and we have separate automated testing for our stations. Shoot us an email if you have any other questions about Radium =)

  • Muito bom, curti demais esse aplicativo. Valeu galera!