Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: RapidWeaver 5

This week, we’re proud to have RapidWeaver 5 as the Mac.AppStorm sponsor. Released just a few days ago, RapidWeaver 5 is a worthy upgrade to an already stellar piece of web design software for the Mac.

Whether you’re just starting out with web design, or you’re a seasoned professional, RapidWeaver has a versatile set of tools that can really help with the visual process of website design. You don’t need to write a single line of code, but you can if you want to.

RapidWeaver comes bundled with an array of stunning designs, and a versatile publishing system. In a few clicks you can have your content uploaded to MobileMe, or any other SFTP or FTP server.

Version 5 introduces the new RapidWeaver add-ons, better handling of site resources, a new site map plugin, and 6 brand new themes. A completely free trial is available if you’d like to download RapidWeaver and give it a try.

We also have an exclusive competition for AppStorm readers, and we’re giving away five licenses for this brand new version. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know what type of website you’d like to create with RapidWeaver!

The competition closes at midnight on Friday, and we’ll randomly select the winners shortly afterwards. Good luck, and be sure to give RapidWeaver a try in the meantime.

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to let you know that the winners of the competition have been announced! Congratulations are in order to:

  • Colin
  • Chaka
  • Peter Vangeen
  • Neil Planchon
  • John Mac

Your license codes will be on the way soon!


Add Yours
  • I am trying this software and I hope to using in the future to develop my next project (a musician’s website) :)

  • I would create a better web site for association of citizens.

  • I’d create a website for my fellow students (Links, solutions etc.)

  • I used, I use and I’ll use Rapidweaver for all my sites!! Great app!?!

  • A website with guitar lessons

  • Really nice tool
    Hope i can get it to this liocence, i eed an upgrade :-)

  • I would use Rapidweaver for developing web sites based on Drupal.

  • Since I’m an aspiring web designer, this tool could help me achieve my dream without a headache.

  • I already use RW 4 for my website on photography and apps and I also have a section (hidden from public viewing) with files for my classmates with assignment sheets, quizzes, and timetables for all subjects. In my main website I also have links to my favourite web apps (dropbox, wolfram alpha) and I also am about to do a major overhaul in the setup to include a proper home page and a full portfolio for my photos. It would be great to be able to do the overhaul in the new Rapidweaver.

  • I’d use it to finally build my iPhonography blog. I’d love to give it a fresh look!

  • My current website was made with RapidWeaver 4. I am also making a website for a doctor using RapidWeaver 4. It’s a great program. Version 5 looks great.

    I want to make a blog for super awesome guitar lessons. One day I will get on that.

  • I will build a non-threatening, all-inspiring website full of God-stories. :-) I would love a copy. :-)

  • I would recreate my wife’s website adding it online sales of her artwork and build a new one for my daugter.

  • We would use RapidWeaver 5 to help us with our ever-growing safety training website. We currently use RW 4 for several of our other online training sites.

  • Great Software! (I’m trying now). Would it be great for my science (physics) homepage :-) .

  • I’ll give a try for sure..Sometimes I create websites for friends for free, this app could save my time

  • I’m working on a blog that will document my last days as a late-twenties “Y’er” (generation-wise).

    My contribution for anthropologists and therapists… haha!

  • I’m re-designing an author’s website. I’m currently considering a few Mac alternatives, among them RapidWeaver.

  • A website for my band.

  • I have several sites I’d like to get off of iWeb and over to another, more powerful tool. I sell Sugar Skulls and with Rapid Weaver’s add-in tool, I could set up an ecommerce site easily. I have another site that is not being found by search engines (because of iWeb) and it would finally be able to be found by Google (without having to use SEO tools). I have a website for a friend who runs a massage business who will be thrilled with a new look.

  • I would build a website dedicated to usability, information architecture, and general web design.

  • I’m maintaining several sites: choir, home, RV rental. This would be quite an upgrade!

  • Hi! I am going to create a website for my new violin school for children. I use a method that allows children of four years old to start playing this wonderful instrument. I need a fun and creative website like this little violinists!

  • I’ll upgrade my university page that I use as support for my students, I’ve been using Sandvox, but there are some features of RapidWeaver I’d like to try (specially some of the plug-ins).

  • I would like to create my personal blog like Daring Fireball, Shawn Blanc or The Brooks Review.

  • I’ll be using Rapidweaver to create a website for my partner’s photography. I’ll need a gallery and a store facility. As I am a complete novice Rapidweaver is a must!

  • I am interested in using RapidWeaver to develop and new website for my business and redevelop my existing site. Also I want to create some photographic websites for both personal and business use.

    As a previous windows user who has now become a complete Mac convert this software looks really good and i’m excited about trying it out.

  • I’ve always wanted to design a website and was lucky enough to stumble upon here and find out about RapidWeaver. It seems easy enough for a newbie like me and I’ll definitely be giving version 5 a run for its money. I would live to build a better website from the ground up for my fiances dressage business. I have a lot of ideas and hope this new tool will allow me to be successful in creating it.

  • I’d use RapidWeaver first to upgrade the site of the local non-profit Land Trust I volunteer time to.

  • I’ll use Rapidweaver to take our husband and wife business to the next professional level. We need the help.

  • I will use Rapidweaver to create a portfolio site for my 3D work.

  • I would love to make a website for my church. I want a website that is both pleasing to use and that can be used to post the sermons that are recorded every week. RapidWeaver 5 looks like the perfect way to do this.

  • A simple eCommerce site tied into PayPal would be nice.

  • I would create a website as a portal to activities for my students.

  • I would create a website bigger and better than the already massive MacAppStorm, big challenge tho right ;-)

  • I haven’t got around to create my portfolio yet, so that’s what I would build with RapidWeaver :)

  • Looking to build a web site that will encompass photography, personal blog, and daily updates of my bike riding via GPS – Google Maps integration.

  • I am part of my High School’s “tech” group, and we are the ones in charge for the school’s website. Right now were stuck using iWeb (which is too basic to create a website), and we would rather not use Dreamweaver because it is too complicated. We would love to use Rapidweaver to create an more awesome website for our school.

  • I might be selected to handle the web-part of an upcoming event, and Rapidweaver would be a great tool to use

  • I will use it on all my clients web sites.

  • With a copy of RapidWeaver 5, I’d build a new website for our Mac User Group.

  • I would create a personal blog with my demo reel included.

  • Love RapidWeaver! I’ve been using it to build websites for my clients – best app ever.

  • I want to create a site for a friend in canada. he is an artist and does really great stuff!

  • I built a large website for my local community in iWeb and this desperately needs an overhaul. If I won a copy I’d be able to rebuild the site in RW5. This would make life a lot easier as RapidWeaver is a lot more flexible to use.

  • I love RW and have used it for a couple of live sites – film-makers/musician’s personal websites. RW5 looks like it’ll be a great upgrade.

  • I would create a class website for my partner’s grade 2/3 elementary class.

  • I’d use it to expand on my current website, which I use to promote my indie music. Upgrading from iWeb to Rapidweaver 4 took my website to a whole new level, I’d love to see where Rapidweaver 5 could take my website.

  • I would use to to polish up my portfolio site.

  • Two sites:

    1. I would love to take my fantasy football expert blog from a simple Tumblr site to a much more robust blog in terms of features and layout.

    2. A photo journal site.

  • I would build a site that would bring world peace, make babies smile, and puppies giggle……

  • I have been used rapidweaver for 1 years and built several website. I have to say, I love it. I just tried the new version, how can i say, it is just excellent….even more simply to upload to http://ftp….love it

  • I’m building sites with RW4, but now wish to check new features on RW5 for building mobile sites.

  • I want to start a web site that details resources, activities and programs for special needs kids in the area I live.

  • I will be using RW5 to build my uni final year project

  • Well, a website for our gospel choir … ;-)

  • I’m using RapidWeaver 4 to create my company’s website. It’s quite simple… yet. ;-)

  • i would like to create sites for tutorials (video and written) and one where i could sell my products.

  • and one for my company

  • I’d create a website for my mums artwork so she could sell it online & an online portfolio for my brothers games (aswell as an online portfolio for myself with those 2 sites on as I really want to get a job in web development)

  • I idolize Orville Redenbacher and hope to turn the world into my own private popcorn empire. The website I’d build with Rapidweaver would be an integral part of My Master Plan (cue maniacal laughter)…

    Oh, and I’d also create a website – with a wiki and community-building functionality – to share and promote the research/writing I’m doing on innovation.

  • Mac is all about ease of use. You guys create a software that not only easy to use but also fun too after I watched your demo videos. Such a powerful and easy software that I would like to have. I will create a website for my freelance work and I think my children can use it to create their school project sites too to show off to their school friends. I do lots of photos, some write up of the place that I’ve been to, videos etc and I must say Rapidweaver5 is the missing software that are missing in iLife’11.

  • I would like to try something more interesting than iWeb for my social work company site

  • I’d create a website for a retiree who wants to set up a stone carving site and a new site for a local non profit, love inc, that needs to save money and have it designed for free.

  • I’d like to create a website for a friend’s jewelry business.

  • Love rapidweaver, I would tweak my site with RW5

  • I currently use rw 4 for all my websites. It is great stuff!!

    Very easy to use

  • I am looking to a site that would be about ways to improve online user experiences, and I think RapidWeaver would be a big help to get the site up and running.

  • I’d use it to build a cooking related website with my tips and techniques and stories etc.

  • A website to show my “decadence architectural” photos…

  • RW4 is great but RW5 would even be better for creating my new websites

    Keep up the good work

  • I use RW 4 together with WP-blog for my blog. Great combination!!!!

  • I’m looking to create a website for my wife’s original pearl jewelry creations. Dreamweaver’s learning curve has become too steep in order to do something of this size. I’m hoping that RapidWeaver, with all of it’s add-ons, will give me the functionality I’ll need.

  • I’ve used this for over five years, and put up dozens of web pages. A $12 add-on (PlusKit) will let you link your web page to a Google spreadsheet. On the web page, you can click on a column and sort the data from the spreadsheet. Another add-on (FormLoom – $20) will allow you to make a complex form and send the output to a MySQL database.

  • I’d love to use RW 5 both to create my personal blog as well as a professional portfolio website!

  • RW is great, with the introduction of stacks and other great plugins it really is becoming a powerful website builder. The code is also neat and tidy. Well recommended.

  • I’d create a website showing my talents in creating websites. My talent being able to use RW!

  • I would love to use RapidWeaver to finally update my photography portfolio website.

  • i love RW – nothing faster to set up a website. so i need RW 5 realy urgent.

  • I just started using RapidWeaver 4 to make a website for my new cycling coaching business.
    I’m now hooked on it, and look forward to creating any future sites with RapidWeaver 5.

  • I have RapidWeaver 4.4.2 and I love it. I use it for most of my school projects when we have to make websites and just yesterday I helped a friend create their school website for class. She loved it and so did her professor. Upgrading to RapidWeaver 5 would be awesome!!

  • I use RW4 to build and maintain a website of an Association of People in my town. It’s awesome. I hope the upgrade in the software will mean an upgrade of the website. =)

  • I would love to use RW 5 for several non-profit organizations whose websites need a much belated update to current standards, design, etc.

  • I use RapidWeaver for what it’s name implies – Rapid building of websites and lots of Weaver tools for design and development.

  • I would put RapidWeaver to good use making a site to market my services as an accountant to start-ups.

  • A site devoted to reviewing apps for the Mac with free licence givaways for the best comment. Purhaps I’ll call it or

  • create a website whose main purpose is to be connect all small business professionals who are part of my spiritual communities. go rw!

  • I’d love to use it for my fiencé’s animal rescue efforts.

  • This would be great I use RW 4 and would love to get this to do some work on my churches website :)

  • I use Rapidweaver for “a little something for anyone” site, where I talk Apple, movies and personal thoughts. It’s in Hebrew and I’m glad rapidweaver is open enough to let me work in right-to-left mode (though I wish it would be built in)

  • Bought RapidWeaver4 about 3-4 month ago. RW is easy to use and have a ton of 3rd party add-on!!
    I’m still working on my personal website project. This would be great if I get a free upgrade to RW5 from AppStorm ;-) Thanks.

  • I use RW (from v.2 to v.4) to create my personal blog about DTP, Apple and Photography. It’s a great application!

  • A personal portfolio site!

  • I’ve used this for my company site. I thought RW4 was the best, now I can’t wait to try RW5.

  • Nice, I can give it a try and use it on my upcoming photography website.

  • I would love to use RW 5 for several non-profit organizations whose websites need a much belated update to current standards, design, etc. I would honor what its name, “Rapid” to create ’em very fast!

  • I would like to enhance my Nature Photo blog.

  • i would use it for my personal crazy mac user blog :)

  • Would love to do my family website with gallery :D

  • Looking for a low stress web development package. Dreamweaver is too intense for what I would like to use. RapidWeaver seems right up my ally. :) please please please…

  • I’d make a family website.

  • Personal website/blog!

  • I wanna build website for my little son Adrian.

  • I would build a website for my wife and tell her and the world how much I love her.

  • I would use RapidWeaver to create my personal website sharing my deployment experiences with friends and family :)

  • I would love to create a new web site about walking routes in my area.

  • The photo portfolio that is so many months past due.

  • I would design my new portofolio

  • Hope i can get it! I’d like to make a photo album site.

  • I would love to make a website for my mom who loves to write about her new found grandma life, her recipes and exciting travel logs that she plans to do after her retirement. It would make a great present for her retirement gift. :)

  • My website is created using Rapidweaver.

    I love Rapidweaver. I have not upgraded to the new version as I can’t make out what is new and improved other than the new templates.

    I was using iWeb before switching. I have tried other programs but none as nice, customizable and easy to use as Rapidweaver.

  • Tried the demo and remembered just how good Rapidweaver is.

    Would be great for creating an easy to update personal website.. without the hassle of WordPress etc…

  • A next step from iWeb!
    I would build a website for my Family Blog.

  • I would love to have a copy of this app. I think it would improve my workflow tremendously, and I’m always out to adapt new technologies. Thanks for the chance.

  • I have old Rapidweaver and I know it’s a great app. I wish I can update my site using the latest Rapidweaver.