Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: SideFolders

We’d like to take a moment to say a big thank you to this week’s sponsor, SideFolders

SideFolders is an awesome little utility that gives you quick and easy access to your files from anywhere. By docking on the side of your screen and only showing up when you want it to SideFolders is never in your way but is always ready to go when you need to open something.

We reviewed SideFolders back in April and the latest version (1.5) has even more to offer including a great new interface, the ability to browse folders right in the app, a configurable delay to prevent accidental flyouts and a customizable show/hide global keyboard shortcut!

At a mere $4.99 on the Mac App Store, this is an incredibly useful tool that can really speed up your workflow. I was skeptical myself at first but as soon as I started using it I realized that I’d probably never want to be without it. The developer is very devoted to the project and continually turns user suggestions into great features. Check it out for yourself today!


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  • Finder’s Sidebar shows up everywhere, it’s supported by Apple, it’s free, it comes with all Macs and it won’t break when I update the OS.

    Verdict: Mac programming talent wasted on reinventing the wheel. Sad, really.

    • Actually…. I changed my mind and please disregard my comments above. I tried it and I must admit it is a lot quicker and smoother to be able to access these things with just “a flick of the wrist,” as the developer says. Kinda addictive, actually. I’m surprised this type of app makes things a bit easier.

      I’m glad Mac developers are developing this kind of gem!

  • I think you are missing the point. A great benefit is that you don’t need to be in Finder. Finder always hampers my view on the application i’m working in.

    • It doesn’t matter. Switching to Finder isn’t a magic trick, and I can guarantee you that the vast majority of computer users just won’t care, they just use Finder.

  • Nice app, you forget the 2nd “P” in app word In the last paragraph.

  • Nice one, Windows would never be able to handle this.

  • I’m the developer of this app. Just wanted to let you know we’ve removed the email licensing scheme from version 1.5.1 onward. If you want to give SideFolders a try without the need of registering an email address get version 1.5.1 from our site.

  • So, just curious, why can’t you just put folders in the Dock in list view and use them? It is basically the same thing.

    • Hi,

      There’s quite a few things that SideFolders offer more over list view in the Dock. You can organize items hierarchical, you have a popup menu to Show in Finder or open with the application of your choice. Besides having links to your important files you have the most recent used files and downloads available and you can browse your entire computer from within SideFolders.

      And development hasn’t stopped, suggestions are always appreciated.

      Just give it a try ;)

  • Dennis, sorry about my previous negative comments. I tried it just to see and I actually found it rather convenient and, I might say, addictive. Maybe I really was shortsighted to disregard this type of add-ons. Thank you for developing this app.

    • Thanks for trying it! If you have any remarks/suggestions send me a quick email. Nearly all new features are based on user feedback.