Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Studiometry

Our sponsor this week is Studiometry, an amazing professional project management tool from Oranged Software.

Studiometry is a powerhouse of professional organization tools that’s been serving the industry for over eight years. Whether you’re managing contacts, generating estimates, tracking work, or billing clients, this one app has you covered in a single beautifully cohesive workflow.

Small businesses, freelancers, large organizations, all types of professionals from every industry can relate to the incredibly practical suite of tools in Studiometry. Unlike simple todo apps, which are a dime a dozen, this is a genuinely useful and fully featured productivity tool that can help you manage almost every aspect of your company.

I particularly like the invoicing capabilities with Studiometry (customizable templates that are edited with a built in WYSIWYG editor) and the fact that the whole suite of tools syncs seamlessly with Studiometery Touch so you can take your work everywhere you go and aren’t necessarily tethered to a laptop.

Go Get It!

Studiometry is available on Oranged Software’s website for $199.95 (multi-user packs also available). If you’re interested in giving it a shot, check out the Free Trial.

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Add Yours
  • Exactly HOW does this sync ? Does it need their servers, do i have to run my own server ? Would like to see a more in-depth review of this since Billings is starting to bug the hell out of me…

  • Studiometry runs on your own server/machine. You can sync on your local network or remotely via the Internet. Each machine and device keeps a local copy of the database so if you don’t have access to the server you can view and edit data and then all changes will be updates on the network the next time you connect.

  • Would also be really interested in a review as most reviews comparing invoicing apps date back a couple years ago, when Billings was a massive improvement in a field where visually appealing apps were far and few.

    Now that SaaS invoicing services are all the rage, I’d like to see if Studiometry’s still running strong. While I never used it, it also seems like it got some recent updates which make it all the more interesting.

    All this, and the fact that I, too, am getting tired of workarounds needed to properly use Billings (poor support as far as I’m concerned).