Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Translate Tab

Our sponsor this week is Translate Tab, an awesome way to access Google Translate right from your menu bar.

Translate Tab is a super slick menu bar implementation of the popular Google Translate service. You can translate words, phrases, paragraphs or even entire sites into 57 different languages without leaving your desktop.

If you frequently work with or communicate in several languages, you simply can’t beat the speed and convenience of having one of the most popular translation services right in your menu bar. It’s really nice to be able to open Translate Tab quickly from any other app, grab your translation and get back to what you were doing without even messing with a browser.

Go Get It!

This great utility is available on the Mac App Store for a mere $1.99. If you’ve been looking for a faster and more convenient way to get translations on the fly, download Translate Tab today.

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Add Yours
  • I ran to the store to buy this app, only to find out it’s Lion only… would love for this app to work on 10.6.

  • I just contacted Alex of Translate Tab. He replied that the next update will run on 10.6 as well.

  • Instead of forking out the princely sum of $0.99 you can use the Translation widget in OS X’s Dashboard.

  • That should be free :///

    • That free one is in your Dashboard

  • Would give it a try, but Lion only…

  • I’m nearly sure this app is illegal. Cause it use Google Translate API or Webpage for commercial use.