Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: USBMate

Our featured sponsor this week is USBMate, an awesome app that optimizes your external drives.

Your external drives can easily become cluttered with temporary files or perhaps even infested with malware. All of this can be avoided with a quick trip to USBMate right before you eject your drives.

Every time USBMate is run, it will clean and optimize your connected external disks and USB flash drives, purging them of all the temporary files that your system throws on there. It will also automatically check your drive for any AutoRun viruses and take the appropriate actions to get the drive back in perfect shape.

USBMate is a menu bar app so it sits quietly out of the way until you’re ready to eject a drive, then you’re only a click away from maximizing your drive’s performance.

Go Get It!

USBMate is currently available on the Mac App Store, so be sure to stop by and download your copy. Your USB drives drives will thank you!

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  • Very usefull !

  • I imagine this is similar to CleanMyDrive (from MacPaw, I think?) which is also free on the App Store – though I don’t know for how long…

  • I thought this was a fantastic idea. I bought it from the App Store, but it won’t recognize any of my removable drives. Help is slow (non-existant) in coming from the developer. I realize it was only $4.99 but money wasted is still money wasted.

  • AutoRun viruses on Mac? Are you joking?
    I like icon of this app, but idea and screenshots on App Store is not in Apple style. Ugly both.