Watermark Photos en masse with PhotoBulk

Occasionally, you may run across a product or service that you didn’t really know you needed until you were introduced to its existence. These Eureka! discoveries are quite satisfying as they usually make life easier or more streamlined. PhotoBulk, an app from Eltima Software, plops itself directly into this camp.

If you’re a “photo bug” or interested in giving your photo library a professional feel, you’ll most definitely want to check it out. Let’s talk about its appeal after the jump!

Using the App

PhotoBulk is a fairly tiny app. When you open it, what is displayed is simply a charcoal-grey box asking you to drag-and-drop some images onto it. Once you’ve added some images, you decide which of PhotoBulk’s three features you want to employ: watermarking, resizing, and/or optimizing PNG or JPEG files.

While simple, you have you admit that PhotoBulk is a good looking app.

While simple, you have you admit that PhotoBulk is a good looking app.

Click each option on the main bar opens up a corresponding drop-down pane. The watermark pane splits the photo into nine sections, allowing you to choose the best place for your tag.

The PhotoBulk menu is not flush with options, but it's not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel.

The PhotoBulk menu is not flush with options, but it’s not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel.

If you’ve dragged multiple pictures onto the main pane (kind of the point), then the watermark will be added in the same location for all the photos. The fonts available for the watermark are those found in your Fontbook so if you have added any third-party fonts, they’re all here. You can also choose the color and opacity of your watermark.

Here's a sample of the PhotoBulk-applied watermark using a third-party font. Not bad eh?

Here’s a sample of the PhotoBulk-applied watermark using a third-party font. Not bad eh?

The other panes are much simpler. The “Bulk Resize” pane does as its name implies, but only allows you to change either the height or width, thereby cornering you into keeping the original photo’s aspect ratio–probably not a bad idea in general.

PhotoBulk keeps resizing idiot-proof by forcing you to keep the aspect ratio. Now you don't have to worry about distorting your photos.

PhotoBulk keeps resizing idiot-proof by forcing you to keep the aspect ratio. Now you don’t have to worry about distorting your photos.

The optimization pane preps your photos for the Web, either as PNGs or JPEGs (or both!). When you’re good to go, click the eye icon on the main bar to get a brief preview. If your photos are ready for primetime, the green Start button on the main pane will proceed with the magic and output the photo to the folder of your choice.


Before I write any more, let me acknowledge that there are other apps that can do what PhotoBulk does. Adobe Photoshop, for example is capable of automatically adding watermarks via its Action Scripts feature. Apple’s own Preview app is able to resize multiple photos at once. And both can optimize for the Web. I think the crux of the consider for PhotoBulk is its ease of use and lean, mean, speed.

I threw some large wallpapers from OS X Mountain Lion at PhotoBulk but it happily spit them out in seconds as newly optimized and watermarked images.

I threw some large wallpapers from OS X Mountain Lion at PhotoBulk but it happily spit them out in seconds as newly optimized and watermarked images.

I really like the simplicity, but I did find myself wanting a few more features. If a future iteration kept its beauty and ease-of-use but added a few more photo tweaks like automatic color correction, red eye removal, and/or cropping, it would replace iPhoto (for me at least).


The other factor to consider when eying an application like PhotoBulk is price. At first glance, you may recoil at the stout price of $9.99 for the ability to tweak a few photos, but for the right audience, purchasing PhotoBulk will make sense. To its credit, other apps cut from a similar cloth are at least $10: Photo Batch is $14.99; Adobe Photoshop is 30 times that price; and even though Preview is free, it doesn’t watermark photos.


At the end of the day, is PhotoBulk right for you? Well, it depends who you are. If you want to add a professional watermark to your photos without paying for Photoshop, then you may find exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll say this for the app: it’s a lightning fast utility with a snazzy UI. I’ll leave the decision to you.

Our giveaway is now closed and congrats to all 10 of our winners: Diane, Craig, David, Hans, Ernesto, Sergio, Alex, Annette, Ivan, and Munchkin!

But hey, would you like to try PhotoBulk for free? If so, we’ve got 10 copies of it free for our readers! Just leave a comment below and tell us why you’re excited about trying out PhotoBulk, and optionally tweet a link to this article and comment with a link to the tweet for an extra entry. We’ll close the giveaway on November 24th, so be sure to hurry and get your entry in!


A quick, sharply designed way to watermark, resize, and optimize your photo library.



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  • I am an artist and I would really love to be able to protect my work online. I have an online portfolio as well as a Behance and other places where I post my work, and it would make me feel a lot more secure if I would be able to watermark everything!

  • Not bad. I’d like to have this app. Watermark (optional resize) is enough for me.

  • Love to use this for some non-profit work I do, we set up a photo booth and add the logo to each picture!

  • As a Web Developer, and personal projects I love a tool that help me batch-resize a lot of images and add a little watermark with minimum effort.

  • I would love to use this software to watermark my photographs quickly. I have a lot of photos and this software would be useful.

  • Sounds really useful. Sometimes I have to prepare images for my websites or a manual and this software could be a good addition to my toolset.

    But I really, really, really don’t get it why software can’t be available nowadays as trial. I can’t buy all software that might sound useful but later is totally useless.

  • I would like to use it for free because who doesn’t like paid stuffs especially when they are free for limited quantities! Okay, besides that, I am an amateur photographer who doubles as a beginner watermarker. I have Pixelmator and no money to buy Adobe Photoshop, both holy grails of photo editors and I also cannot make heads or tails of “Action Scripts” to automate the dreary, tedious process of retyping and reapplying the text, shade as watermark of my photograph.

    So please help me out! :-)

  • Such applications are what I really like and would use every day, because it focuses on one thing and does it very well.

  • Hey, this looks like a good app. I’d like to try it out, if you still have one of your free ones available. I do photos for websites and for other photographers and this would be so useful!

  • I was looking for a mac-os software like this… I used to use a Windows free program to resize my travelling pictures before uploading them to social networks, but I was missing to be able to watermark them..
    I hope that it’s possible to do both things (resize and water-mark) at the same time…
    Yeah, I agree with Beatrix with the trial sofware thing. Sometimes you buy a program that looks great in the potos but after it’s not what it was supposed to be (like some of the ios apps)…
    Thanks for the news..

  • Amazing app, no doubt.
    Elegant, simple and powerfull… What else you need?
    Please I want a copy to try it right nw!!!
    Good job guys!!!

  • This looks like a very useful app. I would like to try the resize and watermark parts.

  • It seem at usefull app. Althought you can put watermarks whit photoshop, maybe is faster doing with a app as PhotoBulk.
    However, the price is very expensive. Anyway, I would like trying it.

  • I want to try this app, I’m using iwatermark but sometimes it does not what it’s supposed to…and with many pics to mark it becomes a waste of time that I do not have…love to try it for free…if there is still a copy.

  • I actually use Lightroom for watermarks. I would like to try this app if it’s also as good or better as Lightroom for watermarks.

  • I’m a recent photojournalism college graduate. I send my portfolio to potential employers everyday, it would be nice to have a way to protect my work. Thanks!

  • Heya guys, Excellent review. I recently discovered Envato when I bought something from CodeCanyon. Never heard of mac.appstorm.net before, so I had a peek. Surprise surprise, it’s gem–packed good stuff.

    Why I am eager to try PhotoBulk is to lighten my workload. My wife and I are a team, we travel the world and relate what we encounter. We have been on the road since 2003. She is a writer, I am the photographer. Apart from the various print magazines that use our content, she is putting more stuff out there on the internet. I am having enough work in LightRoom to keep me busy if not the old Land Cruiser needs attention.

    That’s where PhotoBulk would come in real handy. I can prepare images for print in LightRoom, and at the same time drop copies for her in her dropbox. She then can use PhotoBulk to resize them the way she wants and add a custom watermark to it. Saves my day!

    Adventurous greetings,

  • Oh, and yes, I also tweeted about this post:


    Really looking forward to spend some extra time on the Land Cruiser, while my wife is working on the images for once ;-)

    Adventurous greetings,

  • Looks like just the thing for me, as I’m (at long last) getting round to online distribution.

    This quick and easy watermarking solution seems like just what I need.

  • This app’ interface is very simplistic and beautiful.

    Even though Photoshop can do watermark, it is of very heavy weight and launches very slowly.

    For just doing watermark jobs, I believe using such little and fast app is definitely much more efficient than Ps.

  • I would love to use PhotoBulk to protect my pictures in the internet. Easy watermarking is exactly what I was looking for.

  • I like simple and minimalist app. PhotoBulk seems to fit my work.

  • o/

  • I had been looking at other apps for watermarking images, but this looks like it would fit my requirements best.

  • I’m professional photographer, so I need photos to be watermarked. I’d like to check the quality of this tool, does it kerning and other important things.

  • I would gladly watermark photos for my portal

  • I’ve been looking for a simple, inexpensive way to watermark my thousands of photos and was thrilled when I discovered PhotoBulk! Have been using Pixelmator, but can’t get it to mark more than one at a time. Since I’m hoping to go into photo journalism, I really need something like PhotoBulk and would love to try it for free.

  • I’d very much like to try out this app. Lean, mean, and speed is what ive been looking for. Been a mac user since 1991 for that exact reason. This would really help with my web design and social marketing business.

  • I would like to use your app because I shot some event and will try and sell my work in order to pay for expenses but I’d like them to be pro-looking and keep people from stealing my work, otherwise I won’t pay my bills ;S