Weekly Poll: Do You Own iOS and OS X Versions of the Same Apps?

iOS started off as OS X’s younger sibling, but it’s grown to dominate the world of technology more than OS X in many ways. Most new hit apps come out on iOS first, it seems, especially if they’re social networking or entertainment apps. Then, though, we’re seeing a return to the Mac, with Apple putting more iOS apps and features in OS X, and more developers bringing their iOS games and apps to the Mac. Some of the best productivity apps, such as Apple’s iWork and iLife apps, and the Omnigroup’s apps like OmniFocus, started out on the Mac, and have since then been recreated for iOS.

iCloud makes it much nicer having the same apps on iOS and OS X. When you use apps like iA Writer, iWork apps, and more, you’ll see your documents seamlessly pushed between your Mac and iPad or iPhone without having to do anything extra to sync. For apps that don’t have iCloud integration, such as OmniFocus and Things, most with OS X and iOS versions have their own sync system to keep your data up-to-date everywhere. That makes it that much nicer to use the same apps on both platforms.

That’s why we’re wondering: do you use the same apps on iOS and OS X? Do you feel bad having to pay for both copies? What’s your favorite app that runs on both platforms? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • I don’t feel bad having to pay for the same app on both platforms. The developers should be rewarded for creating and maintaining apps on different platforms.

    However, I do wish that Apple would build a mechanism into the App store whereby developers could offer discounts to users who buy the same app on both platforms. I expect many developers would make use of such a feature in order to incentivise customers to purchase their apps.

    • I just wish there’s a way to get rid of some useless IOS apps.
      I feel like developers need to make better app thesedays.
      Something simple and clean.

  • I think Wallet is the only app I’ve purchased on both. Obviously, there’s Twitter and other the other Apple apps.

  • I use both iA Writer and Day One on both my Mac and iPhone. Both of these apps I use on a daily basis so paying for both was not even something I have to think about (:

    • I wrote that while multi-tasking, so please excuse the four uses of the word “both” (:

      • Haha. As do all of us.

        Thou art forgiven.

  • I’ve paid for 1Password on Mac and iOS – the iOS version has saved my bacon on a number of occasions, and the Dropbox sync between the two is simple to use (especially compared to the wifi sync it used previously – that was a mess!). I also use Echofon for Twitter (free versions) on Mac and iOS – it’s good at keeping track of which tweets I’ve read already so I don’t miss anything.

    • Good point on 1Password; I use it for everything, and frankly couldn’t live without it these days.

  • I own several on both iOS and Mac OS. iA Writer, OmniFocus, mSecure, and Weather HD are all paid apps that I use on both pretty frequently. For free apps, it’s mostly things like Evernote, Dropbox, and Spotify. Naturally this excludes the iWork suite, iPhoto, and iMovie, which are on all of my devices.

    Oh, and The Secret of Monkey Island. iOS and Mac OS for that one :)

  • I have just started using Day One for both, as the Mac app is currently on sale in the App Store, so figured I would take a look at it.

    I did use Sparrow for both as well, but since the latest developments, I have moved back to the native clients. Managed to get a refund on both from Apple as well, which was nice of them.

    Currently also using Tweetbot and the Tweetbot Alpha as well, although intergration is pretty limited.

    • intergration = integration