Weekly Poll: Are You a Mac Gamer?

Hot on the heels of our recent roundup of blockbuster Mac games, I thought it would be interesting to see just how many of you do use your Mac for gaming on a regular basis.

In recent months, I’ve actually found my iPad to be the go-to choice for trying out new games and killing time. Although there are a vast array of games available for the Mac, I often find the high price point to be too much of a barrier. If I can instead pay $5 or $10 for a fun iPad game, I’m more likely to go for it.

Consoles certainly still rule the market when it comes to gaming, but more and more Mac users are finding that their machine is much better suited for gaming than they originally thought.

I’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to fill out our weekly poll and leave your own thoughts in the comments. Are you a regular Mac gamer, or do you prefer to stick to a dedicated console?


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  • I only play the games from Steam….and The Sims 3

    I think mac wasn’t made for game

  • I pretty much only play ‘games’ in my browser. I have a playstation to play retail games.

  • Yes, I play games on my Mac. I boot into Windows 7 and play all kinds of games. The native Mac games are always way more expensive than their PC counterparts, so thanks to Bootcamp I can now stick to buying awesome games like FarCry, Crysis, The Force Unleashed and Bad Company 2 for only $10-$20 a game.

  • i can’t play the games i want, so now i stick with my PS2.
    mac it’s not ready yet, maybe if you want to spent thousand of dollars. hhaahha

  • There’s some good games for mac. Borderlands, Plants vs Zombies, Braid…and if you search a little (piratebay and mac-torrents) you can find some games for windows that can run in mac OS

  • Absolutely. I love playing left 4 dead 2 on my mac. It’s pretty good perfomace too.

  • Not so much. My old first gen macbook is not as powerful as it used to be.. looking into getting a new iMac with an i7 or something next year

  • Absolutely!

    I’ve bought Bioshock, Borderlands, FlatOut 2, Starcraft 2, Spore, CS: Source, DoD: Source, HL2 (Ep. 1 and 2), Team Fortress 2, Portal, Killing Floor, Torchlight, Civlization IV, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and other indie games.

  • I’ve got 100+ games on Steam and my Steam rating is always 10 every week. Mac OS X isn’t exactly optimised to play video games, though. I lose at least 20fps simply by gaming on my Mac partition viz-a-viz my PC partition.

  • I play WoW on my MBP, it’s much better then my PC that’s actually and has a better graphics card the my MBP.