Weekly Poll: Are You an Apple Shareholder?

It seems as though the recent news of Steve Jobs taking another period of medical leave was dominated by how the announcement would affect Apple’s stock. This always angers me a little, as it’s a blatant example of people caring more about their money than the wellbeing of another person.

Of course shareholders have a right to be informed of the situation – possibly more so than Apple makes clear from time to time – but ultimately, we should be happy to take a step back and accept that prying into the situation isn’t going to make life easier for Apple’s CEO.

Shareholders who value and believe in Apple as a company will be investing for the long-term, and appreciate that Steve has created a culture that goes far beyond what any one person contributes. In the short term, Apple will cope just fine (as they have done twice before). And even if Steve decides to step down as CEO permanently, everything we know and love about Apple will continue onwards.

The debate raging around Apple’s share price does raise an interesting question – how many AppStorm readers are financially invested in Apple as a company? I’d love to know if you are, and whether you have any thoughts on this whole issue.

Let us know, and do share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • I have to disagree. Apple’s success is completely dominated by Jobs’ decision-making. While there is no threat to Apple’s immediate products and services if Jobs steps down, there is a huge threat to its future. There is no question Jobs is responsible for their success. Without him in the past Apple was a joke of a company. They lacked everything that makes them so great today. It wasn’t until Jobs came back that they began revolutionizing the entire world. Now a lot has to be said for the people who were responsible for the ideas, designs, and features of the new products, but equally, Jobs was the one who put them there. He either recognized their potential directly or indirectly. If he’d only had success at Apple I would discount Apple’s return as the work of his employees; Jobs being lucky to be along for the ride. However, he’s had incredible success in every business he’s been a part of. He literally has the Midas touch. Pixar went from an unknown company to one of the most famous animation companies ever. NEXT computers practically invented the internet. So when Steve Jobs gets sick, yeah stockholders better worry. It’s business; worrying about Jobs at a personal level is far outmatched by the billions of dollars at stake. Without Jobs Apple’s future could be fine. But equally, without him there is a large chance Apple slowly begins to unravel. One bad product here and there, a few personnel changes; it all adds up. I don’t own Apple stock, but I’d sure as hell be worried if I did.

  • Apple without Steve…would be very surprised. They will still be much better than windows for years. Won’t be as bad as the Gil Amelio days. But I wonder if Steve put Apple on Intel as a precaution just in case he did die and at least people would be able to install windows. This would be rather graceful. Best wishes for a quick recovery.