Weekly Poll: Are You Still Using Lion?

It’s been nearly 4 months since OS X Mountain Lion was released, and millions of Mac users around the world have already upgraded. Many of us upgraded our Macs as soon as it was in the App Store, while others were running it weeks earlier thanks to Apple’s developer program.

Mountain Lion brought many nice new features to OS X, from the Notifications Center and social network features to new apps like Reminders and Notes. Unfortunately, the new upgrade also left behind some older Macs, and many still don’t like the addition of more iCloud and iOS features in OS X.

I personally have been very pleased with Mountain Lion, and found the upgrade to be a great new change, but not everyone feels the same. That’s why we’re wondering: 4 months into the upgrade cycle, have you switched to Mountain Lion? Or are you still using Lion?

Is the cat that’s currently powering your Mac enough for your needs? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • I did buy ML, such a waste of money, it was really buggy on my system (never had a buggy system since i moved to OSX many years ago)
    Also the features are pointless and i rather like having my notes show up in my Mail app, think minimalistic don’t need an app for every little thing i do.

    • Try renistalling it, by downloading it again from the App Store

  • I’m still on SL, lol.
    I’ll switch to ML someday in the future… but not at this point – System is running as it should, so I’m happy.

    • Same with me.
      All my machines are running Snow Leopard and for the time being I have no plan to upgrade since I don’t see it as an upgrade.
      I have to work with my Macs not ‘socially connect’.
      Also I find it very good when I know what I save in the document when I decide to press Save.

      • Snow Leopard here as well. I don’t like the iOS features being added to Mac OS X, I feel like that’s just unnecessary. But perhaps that’s because I don’t like iOS, I’ve been a huge Android fan for a long time now. SL works really well and is stable, so I don’t care too much. The vast majority of apps support SL so I’ll be good for a while. Not a fan of the Mac App Store, it’s too restricting and I enjoy getting apps the old-fashioned way. There’s no need to dumb down desktops to be like smartphones…

        • I’m also on Snow Leopard. In fact, I’m planning to switch to Linux. I’ve had it with the iOSification of OS X and Apple’s patent douchebaggery.

    • Agreed. SL does what I need it to, and it is highly customized on all of my machines, as the out of the box version didn’t cut it in a number of areas. The deeper I looked into the next two subversions of OSX (and I couldn’t care less about codenames), the more I realized they were going to get the way of how I do things… versus the “have it our way” that many OS developers are going.

      Someday I will have to step up to keep up. I’ll look at whose OS I’ll use at that time, since none of them are really thrilling me as a multi-OS power user. Apple actually feel behind a little in my book… until MS put out Win8 and shot itself in the foot… again.

      • Actually, an awkward thing happened today on this subject but slightly off topic. (sorry)
        I wanted to clean-install Snow Leopard on one of internal drives in my MacPro and I couldn’t.
        The message I got was that I can’t install in on this machine and this is the original install DVD and I already have SnowLeopard running on the other internal drive.
        Now how can that be?

  • Multiple Macs – some are upgraded, but my wife’s white MacBook is too old…

  • Can’t say I’m very happy with ML. With every release you’d usually expect a good bunch of improvements and useful additions, but iOS adaptations didn’t really count in my book as either an improvement nor a useful addition. I would have loved PowerNap if I wasn’t using a desktop.

    I did want more iCloud integration that would hopefully someday cover application settings, I did hope for the ever late new filesystem, and a few other minor issues to be addressed, but I can always enjoy what a new release has to offer, except that ML didn’t live up to the expectations.

    Anyway, $20 are not much, and an upgrade is “almost” always a good thing.

  • I upgraded to ML as soon as it was available in the App store. However it has been a bit of a backwards step for me. After I updated, Mail.app was no longer able to sync my IMAP mailboxes reliably (I had to keep rebuilding the mailbox index) and was subject to a huge memory leak whenever I added an image or PDF attachment to an outgoing message I was composing. Equally Safari seems to suffer from a nasty memory leak if you have more than one tab open. Reading the forums, other MBA users are in the same boat too.

    I took steps to try and correct both issues but couldn’t. Apple phone support was useless – in the world of Apple, everything is perfect and you’ll not allowed to use the word “bug”! So I have switched to Mozilla Thunderbird for email and Google Chrome for web browsing instead. Both have been a good ‘upgrade’ in place of Apple software. For now I have kept ML installed. But I would not call it a ‘smooth’ transition as such.

    About the only thing like-able in ML is notification centre and built-in Twitter support. Everything else seems a bit “meh” in my opinion.

  • I have ML on my iMac but in my Mac Mini I still Have Lion. And I will not upgrade my Mac Mini (2012) my work require a lot of software that is not compatible on ML :(

  • I’ve updated to Mountain Lion, and while it has some nice improvements (such as facebook notification integration and iCloud syncing with my iPhone) overall it’s starting to feel a bit dated (though not as dated as iOS).

    Things like Launchpad, the crippling of Exposé and the ugly skeuomorphism are leading to a lesser experience with OS X.

    Not everybody agrees with Microsoft when it comes to its Metro design choises, but at least they’re going somewhere. Apple has been standing still for the last couple of years, scared it seems to change to much.

  • i upgraded my MBA and Mini to ML. I like ML a lot but i have to say it has made my Mini run a lot slower. runs like a baby on the air though

  • Relatively new to Mac-March 2012 and using Lion. Was going to upgrade but seems tp be mixed reactions to ML on iMac – so …as yet…still undecided!

  • I updated to Mountain Lion the day it launched. And I’ll continue to do so for every update! I love being on the newest update!

  • I like Snow Leopard. But now I am on Mountain Lion.
    ML looks great and iOSification I liked. But ML is eating disk space. My MacBook Pro has become slow. Battery has become weak.

  • Yes, I’m still using Lion.. but just because my MacBook White cannot be upgraded to ML… sniff sniff.. (damn it!)

  • Dragon Dictate, Daylite and other major applications I use don’t work on Mountain Lion. Thank goodness I found that out before I put down my money! So it’s Lion for now, and since my wife’s machine runs ML and I get to see it up close, I can say that I don’t think I’m missing all that much.