Weekly Poll: Are you Using Mountain Lion’s Built-in Social Networking Features?

Social networking isn’t a new thing of 2012, but it’s sure hit a mass saturation point. You can’t ride public transit or eat at a restaurant without seeing people checking Facebook and tweeting pictures. It seems you’re more likely to see a Facebook page mentioned on an ad than the company’s own website, reminiscent of companies advertising their Aol. keywords back in the late ’90s.

So, it’s not surprising at all that the latest OS X and iOS feature deep Facebook and Twitter integration. You can share most things you do on your Mac in a click, sync birthdays from Facebook with Calendar, get Facebook and Twitter avatars in Contacts, and push notifications when you get @replies. It’s great for those addicted to Facebook and Twitter, but not so much for those who avoid social networking or who’d rather use another network like App.net.

Have you started using the Twitter and Facebook integration in OS X Mountain Lion? Do you like it, or would you just as soon they’d left it out?


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  • Nope. It’s bullshit and doesn’t belong into an OS at all. This change is actually weakening the already existing “Services” menu which is not accessible through the stupid sharing button. Instead they build a separate thing that can’t be extended by developers. Because of this it feels rather like a feature reduction than an addition.

    • I do wish Services got more attention. It’s one of the great “hidden” features of OS X.

  • I use the Safari share button once in a while and I cancelled all Facebook email notifications because I prefer the notification center. I’m still using a Twitter app, but mostly to read tweets.

  • I don’t use it at all, there are much better apps out there for that.

  • I am surprised by this result. ATM 27% voted “I don’t use social networking, period.”
    So people are not so much interested in it. Actually I am glad. :)

    • That is very interesting. I’m rather surprised myself. On Web.AppStorm, most people say they use social networking. Maybe a Mac-centric versus Web-centric outlook difference?

  • I’m using it and I enjoy it! Although I do agree that it needs more work…I think I should be able to link more social media accounts.