Weekly Poll: Calling Mac Evangelists!

We’re kicking off a new weekly poll today, getting our readers opinion on a different topic each week. Hopefully this will give us all a chance to talk about a relevant issue, share our thoughts, and generally have a chat in the comments!

Today I’m asking something fairly general – how many people have you converted to the Mac platform? I’ve almost lost count of the number of people I’ve tried to haggle and persuade into buying a Mac – friends, family, colleagues – no-one is safe from my persistent nagging!

Do they all make the switch? Not everyone. But I reckon the number of loyal switchers I’ve managed to convert made the jump into double figures quite some time ago.

It’s just a shame that Apple don’t offer a commission every time you drag someone down to the local Apple Store…

Are you the same? Let us know – and do share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • no one, mac just too expensive in my country.

    • I have the same problem, the cheapest iMac here costs about US$ 2.300, the iPhone is expensive too, but more popular, I guess because everybody can see that you own one.

      I converted a couple of friends to iTunes because it’s free, but being a Mac evangelist is not an easy task.

  • Got my wife converted last week, my sister is about to turn very shortly and my father will eventually convert in the next year or so

  • Same here, most people aren’t willing to pay top dollar for outdated hardware just because i or anyone else recommends them a Mac. If the interest isn’t there already, it’s very unlikely that anyone wants to pay 5 or 6 times more for an Apple product.

    • I must admit that the price difference in the UK isn’t anything along those lines. Maybe 1.5x as much, but I’m starting to get fairly good at explaining why a Mac is worth the extra investment :-)

      • While I would like to get a MBP there is no way on earth I can justify nearly 2 Grand for a laptop that has less power than a £700.00 Windows laptop. While I love my 24″ iMac, and would love to move people towards their own Apple equipment, economics and common sense have to prevail and it’s that that stop the “average” person going down the Mac route.
        The “extra cost” for the 2 year warranty (it comes with 1 year as standard in the UK) is a bit of a joke as well. The iMac and MBP pricing should have three year cover as standard.

      • If you buy an off-the-shelve windows box it might be around 1.5 times as much. But that’s because most windows boxes have very recent hardware.

        If you look at current iMac, MacBook and MBP hardware you will see that most of that hardware is over a year old. If not older. Now, try to get all those parts seperately and install a copy of windows and you’ll see that you have a MUCH cheaper computer. You might have trouble tracking down some of the hardware though because of it’s age already.

        With that said, i do agree that having a OS X based computer/notebook will save you LOTS of money in upkeep and maintenance. It will also save you a lot of time when you’re about to purchase a new one as there is a limited range of models and options verses the immensely amount of (often confusing to the general public) options in windows based computers.

  • I have gotten quite a few people to convert over to mac’s, even with the cost, after the ultra cheap laptop pc’s they bought never did work right for a couple of years, and they spent a lot of time and money “fixing” them. What I tell people is you can pay more for a quality product up front with less down time, or you pay for upkeep. Pay me now or pay me later. I also convert a lot of people by showing them that a lot of mac software is far cheaper than its windows counterparts, IE Iworks vs. office.

  • No-one, but not for the want of trying. My wife uses a 17″ Sony Vaio for her own business, substantially cheaper than a 17″ Mac Book Pro but I couldn’t convince her to pay the extra. At least I get to annoy her with my standard response of “You should have got a mac” whenever she complains that something isn’t working as it should. Interestingly Windows has given her so much grief she is reluctant to do the upgrade to Windows 7 because she can’t trust the upgrade to go smoothly and can’t risk being without her PC!

    People at work stopped asking for PC advice as I repsond to all questions regarding models, makes, specs, etc, with buy the best mac book pro you can afford. They soon got tired of that soI stopped having to think about the difference between 3GB and 4GB of RAM and an on board intekl vs an nvidia, or a toshiba versus a sony but what about the Asus. Seriously, factor in the amount of time they spend deciding multiply it by their hourly rate and they’ve paid the difference for a mac and get a better computer ;)

    Last two people who I tried to convert but failed due to cost drive a BMW and an Audi – I tried to use the analogy about them paying extra for their car due to quality, reliability, etc., strange how those factors didn’t affect choosing a £800 laptop over a £400 laptop. Perhaps at that price point it’s not the amount of the difference but the scale – chosing to pay an extra £1500 or so on a £20,000 car purchase may not be such a deal, but paying 100% more for a laptop?!

    • Interesting thoughts, David. I completely agree. People are often really reluctant to spend that little bit extra.

      I’ve always found that people usually don’t see this as a barrier, as they’ve spent so much replacing their Windows PC every few years (or having it wiped and re-formatted).

      When they see that someone like me – a little bit gadget crazy – has stuck with the same Mac for several years, they can see that something must be worth investing in!

  • When people see that I still have and use a Mac that I’ve had for 6 years and it’s still good, the Mac converts them for me.

    It’s not about paying $700 for the same power laptop as a $2,000 MBP, it’s about the quality that you’re getting. You’ll buy two of those $700 windows laptops while only buying 1 MBP. And it’s not necessarily because of the hardware either – it’s the software.

    • Most people will tell you you’d be crazy to buy a $2000 dollar MBP and have new hardware in 2010 rather than buying a $700 dollar laptop in 2010 and have new hardware, get a new laptop in 2012 and have the latest hardware and have $600 left over to buy a new laptop 2014 and have the latest hardware again. That sounds like a big disadvantage if you’d still be stuck with your 6 year old MBP.

      Anyone who isn’t interested in a Mac in the first place because their windows boxes let them down all the time is very unlikely to be turned because the windows platform is just too cheap to ignored.

      I tell people to go into a mac store and play around with one for 15 minutes or half an hour and ask some questions if they’re still not convinced. I also tell them to initially ignore the pricetag because you’re paying for a generally troublefree experience.

  • My partner, now has iMac, MBP13 and is on her third iPod. Her son, just a Mac Mini and two iPods, but most interestingly a guy at work who said “now I see what all the fuss is about”. He wanted an iPad and ended up with an iMac.

    • Family is definitely the way to start :-) My girlfriend was so adamant about not spending more for a Mac, I just gave her my old MacBook for free. Now she absolutely loves it, and would never go back to Windows.

      Maybe Apple should rent out laptops completely free for a week to try and hook people in…

  • Nobody, as of yet, but I have converted a few to iOS. My general tactic is whenever anybody reports on any technical fault or annoyance on their computer, I simply state “Should’ve gotten a Mac.”

  • I just switched over to using only Mac’s at home. So I’ll start pointing people over to the Mac store from now on when family/friends ask for my opinion. Thanks!

  • I have converted tons of people, but I also work in an Apple Store, so that might have skewed my numbers slightly :p

  • Converted loads of folks! I almost feel like I should be getting commission from Apple… The key for me is also being PC-savvy so I am regularly asked by friends to help out with their various computing issues which ends up being a good in (catching folks at a low ebb). Not a one that has converted has told me they regret it or felt like it was too expensive and many are on their 2nd and 3rd Apple computer, not even including peripherals or iPhones/iPods. Oddly, most of them are far more rabid fans than me…

  • I have converted my dad and my cousins :) and used my Jedi mind powers to influence some friends to buy iPhones.

  • I’ve turned my fair share of people off getting Macs after buying my MacBook Pro. I’ve been using a DOS/Windows-based PC since 1990, and I’ve always been under the impression that Mac’s simply works. I’ve learned that this is really not the case, and most of the people who come to me for advice can do with a cheap PC, and does not really need an expensive Mac.

    But, god damn, I love my MacBook’s touchpad.

  • I started with demonstrating my Ibook to co-workers and now 5 of them have made the switch! but three of them have converted family members who converted friends etc etc..the best way to convert people is by letting them have a try on a mac machine..exactly what the apple stores do!