Weekly Poll: CloudApp or Droplr?

CloudApp and Droplr are two apps that perform the same basic function. Both allow you to drag items from almost anywhere in OS X to a menu bar icon that instantly triggers an upload and copies a sharing link to your clipboard.

This is simply a fantastic model for effortless sharing that I personally use every day. The part that I’m not completely convinced about is which app is the best for this type of activity. I’ve used both extensively and find that they both are really solid apps with a lot going for them. Here are some of the things that they both do well: allow for several different types of uploads, let you browse an online web app of past uploads, and provide a public API for integration with third party apps.

That being said, I can easily point out areas where one is better than the other. The following are just a few of the many examples. For starters, CloudApp doesn’t put any ads on the page that hosts the shared content while Droplr does. However, Droplr generates nice short links and CloudApp generates big ugly links (CloudApp’s links are nice and short if you turn on public links). Further, Droplr has support for code sharing with syntax highlighting and CloudApp does not. CloudApp counters again with the ability to automatically upload screenshots taken with the default OS X keyboard shortcuts while Droplr forces you to memorize a new shortcut. Finally, Droplr also has an iOS app while CloudApp is only for the Mac.

Cast your vote in the poll and then leave a comment below letting us know why you think one app is better than the other. Have you tried both apps? Which features do you think are most important?


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  • Haven’t used Droplr, but since Cloud does everything I need, I don’t see a reason to switch. Is there something it does better than Cloud?

    • Droplr has a 1GB limit, while CloudApp limits you to 10 daily uploads. If you’re sharing a lot, Droplr is definitely better. The argument could be made that it’s better anyway – the interface is absolutely excellent.

  • Have you actually used CloudApp? I’ve never seen it generate a long link. Usually something like, cl.ly/FgsJh

    • The author of this post hasn’t realized that they set their CloudApp settings to generate “private” links which are purposely much longer to minimize the chance of someone stumbling onto privately shared content.

      • Oh hey, that’s so much better. I hadn’t even checked the web app settings, it seems like this should be an in-app preference as well.

  • I’ve usually always used CloudApp and then Droplr as a last resort.. Come Droplr 2, I don’t see any reason why I would go back to CloudApp at all.

  • Cloudapp and dropl are inverted….

  • Links are reversed ^^

    • Thanks for pointing that out, apparently I have link dyslexia.

  • Droplr.

    If you add a + sign to the end of the droplr URL, you will get the raw file.

    • Although not with a plus sign, you can do the same thing with CloudApp.

  • I used to use CloudApp, but now I just use DropBox’s Public folder…

    • And as far as I know, Dropbox’s public folder doesn’t have the “Public” feature anymore… it’s just another folder on your dropbox. If you still have it, good for you – but they’re rolling it back.

  • Never used either probably going to cloud since when i went to droplr it told me to get a browser when i’m using Opera

  • I use to always use SB Cloud 2 for iPhone (on Cydia via jailbroken iPhone) to automatically uploading my screenshots to Cloudapp. The dev has stop supporting it / hasn’t updated it to work on 5.0.1 on the 4S. My other hope was Cloudy-Shot, which did exactly the same thing as SB Cloud in which it automatically uploaded a screenshot from your iOS device and generated a link to your clipboard.

    I wonder if they will be supported it anytime soon.

    As for my mac, I use cloudapp.

  • Cloudapp (if you pay which is worth it) supports your own link shortening. Lots of apps have built in Cloudapp support (iOS as well).

  • I use them both. They’re both awesome, and best of all, free.

  • Grabbox. ;)

    It’s both of the two, with unlimited space (as in, your own Dropbox account).

  • Droplr is currently full of bugs, but it’s the best for me.

    When Droplr fails, I use CloudApp, and so…

  • I preferred Droplr but use CloudApp as Droplr would constantly crash initiating an upload but this was quite a while ago.

    And since I switched to CloudApp its been nothing but rock solid so I haven’t had any reason to retry Droplr. Although I just noticed they also have a Windows App so may try that on bootcamp.

  • Your piece doesn’t clarify that what you mean is Cloud doesn’t have it’s OWN iphone App. There are, of course, Cloud Iphone Apps like the free Cloudette or Stratus.

    Personally I love the online interface of Cloud much more, especially for showing off photo’s & always use it in conjunction with Twitter as it’s so clean & Ad free. I also like that I can use it with Sparrow & Tweetbot & tend to use it to shorten links with a keyboard trigger.

    The only way that Droplr beats Cloud imo is offering more options for uploading text. But having said that I still always use Cloud App instaed of Droplr for this too.

  • they are both great apps, but I like Droplr only because that, when I drop a file for uploading, it automatically copies a link to your clipboard. And they both have an iPhone app, not only Droplr.

    • CloudApp also copies the URL directly to the clipboard when you drop anything.

  • Guys, try Drops – http://dropsapp.com. This is cross-platform alternative to Cloud and Droplr, but with ability to upload multiple files at once and many more neat features.

  • Afaik, cloudapp only allows you to upload 10 screenies a day, and while normally that wouldn’t be a problem, it’s annoying when you actually have to. For this reason, droplr wins for me, I don’t mind ads at all.

  • Well i like Droplr more because the site is more well designd and the app as well, but it’s sad now that Droplr is updating there app and i cant use the iPhone app anymore :( (for now)

  • Personally I prefer Minus (http://minus.com/). It’s another cross-platform alternative (Mac, WIndows, Linux, iOS, Android), 10 Gb per account, 2 Gb max per file, viewers for many document types, generates a shortened link (min.us) and copies it in your clipboard, unlimited downloads, and it’s free (for now, at least). Why it’s not getting more exposure is completely beyond me.

    • i really like minus but i think the reason why it’s not getting more exposure it’s because the interface is just horrible, especially if you have a 13′ screen like me.

      Not to mention extremely buggy. the feedback forum is full of request but the developers just don’t give a flying frack.

  • I use CloudApp. I downloaded Droplr, but I’ve never seen a reason to use it over CloudApp. I see here that it’s ad-supported, which is enough to keep me from even trying it; I want to share content selected by me, not direct my peers to advertisements selected by an algorithm. Of course, CloudApp being free of ads means there is a premium account for more power (which is cheap and I happily pay for).

    I would also like to add that while the CloudApp devs haven’t released an iOS app yet, there are other developers that have made iOS apps for the service. I use Cloud2go and it works great. The Droplr site says the iPhone app is “coming soon.” Are there any third-party apps for it in the mean time?

    CloudApp has also managed to gain integration with several other apps I use, and also allows me to setup my own short URL to use with the service. I’ve used this with success, but my domain name is longer than cl.ly, so I turned it back off. Still, it’s nice to know it’s there should I decide to get a short url of my own.

  • cloudapp.com as unlimited space and as I can see… will keep your file forever so dopplr dosen’t even compare for my use. I used it mostly for posting image and screenshot in the forum…

  • Dropbox+Blooddrop.

  • I used to use Droplr, but about 2 weeks ago I started having issues with it never uploading my snaps so I switched to CloudApp and have no intentions of looking back.

  • I have both installed but have never really started using either. I want to but don’t have time trying them both out and after reading this and the comments I’m still not sure, but Cloudapp has a clear lead in the votes and better third-party apps makes me think it could be best.

  • I’m using http://drop.st/ Very good service. 5 GB free space. Upload any file type up to 200 MB. OS X and Windows DropApp. No Ads. Recommend!

    • Uh… “Out of Service. Drop.st was closed down on February 28, 2013.”