Weekly Poll: Do You Need a Cloud Player for Your Music?

We recently published an article titled “iCloud: What It Isn’t” that walked through what we all expected to see from iCloud and how that significantly differed from what we actually got.

Basically, the gist is that everyone expected a browser-based music player but Apple delivered a way to keep your music and data synced in a native environment. To some, the reality is actually way more useful than the expectation. Others may be disappointed that their music isn’t really being stored in the cloud for access from any device. I myself have a Google Music Beta account but can’t for the life of me think of when I’ll use it.

Today we want to know your opinion. With plenty of us toting around a MacBook, iPhone, iPod and/or iPad, is there really a reason to have a Google-Music-like cloud player for all your music? Are there significant amounts of time where you don’t have access to your music collection? Vote in the poll on the right and leave a comment below explaining your thoughts.


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  • Is there a fourth option that says, “I don’t need my music in the cloud at all”?

  • My music collection? Device or cloud. What does it matter? People still have a bunch of files lying around? I’ve been using Spotify for a little over two years. I can’t remember the last time I dealt with a music FILE.

  • I’m with Jesse. I don’t need my music in the cloud at all.

  • No fifth answer “i have a premium spotify account” ?

  • I miss fourth option, like guys before me: I don’t need cloud for my music at all.

  • No, my ISP need it. Once all my data are in the cloud he will switch me to limited data plan.

  • what about “i have an android phone and a mac” ?